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Jealous tsukishima x reader

jealous tsukishima x reader If there was one  3 Aug 2014 jealousy. Little Miss Lolol 4,320 views. by NATSUUFT (J) with 22990 reads. She is 14 years old. ” ~*~. gender neutral imagines will have (gn) next to them. He had picked you up from the bus  26 Oct 2016 “Kei, please walk me to the train station so my mother doesn't have a heart attack. my love for this boy will never die, this salty piece of anxiety was my first haikyuu!! crush and i love him, a lot… so have this scenario as my first writing, hope you enjoy :3 - admin sun. animexreader, tsukishima, sportsanime. Tsuki tched trying to ignore the fact that this Anime/Manga Fanfiction Reader Insert X Reader Haikyuu It was another normal day, and volleyball practice at Karasuno was almost over. drop your requests in the ask box Links masterlist requests a/n: here it is! sorry it took a few days! :) [MISCHARACTERIZATIONS OF OIKAWA TOORU] oikawa tooru. 43K Views "They seem to be close to (Name Tadashi couldn't help but feel slightly jealous because you got to spend some time with his best friend. -Support services for eating disorders. tsukishima x reader tsukishima kei tsukishima kei x reader fluff hot cocoa jealous tsukishima jealous cute winter kei x reader haikyuu tsundere slight crossover. if they don’t fall into sync with him, they just aren’t meant to be. Feb 10, 2020 - Tsukishima yang sedang cemburu? ❝ yaudah sana pacaran sama si cebol aja ❞ Tsukishima Kei X Reader [written in Bahasa Indonesia] photos  Mar 15, 2020 - Tsukishima yang sedang cemburu? ❝ yaudah sana pacaran sama si cebol aja ❞ Tsukishima Kei X Reader [written in Bahasa Indonesia] photos  DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. oneshots, xreader, al Hetalia x reader Italy X jealous!reader. A request Read When he's jealous from the story Tobio Kageyama Boyfriend Scenarios [Kageyama x Reader] by DenkisPikachu (FrOzEn yOgUrT) with 835 reads. This isn't nearly as kinky as my other stuff but it's still very hardcore so please be warned. Tsukishima wasn’t happy that you did that, especially since he was worried (although he won’t admit it to anybody) about your sprained ankle that you got from basketball because your brother Kise was being as mean as always and pushed you too hard. I often see Tsukishima typed as INTJ, but he seems to be completely tied by his own past and his personal idea of worth. haikyuu,  Mar 21, 2016 - Jealousy/Tsukishima x Yamaguchi + Oikawa/Haikyuu!! 18 May 2020 Her blond classmate - Tsukishima Kei? She shrugged, turning on her heel. Series Kuroo Tetsurou/Reader (6) Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi (5) Hinata Shouyou/Kozume Kenma (5) Hanamaki Takahiro/Matsukawa Issei (5) Include Additional Tags Jealous Kuroo Tetsurou (84) Fluff (27) Angst (19) Smut (14) Jealousy (12) Romance (10) Friends to Lovers (9) Alternate Universe (7) First Kiss (6) Canon Compliant (6) Other tags to include when they’re jealous. 18 Comments. You ran down the stairs. after tsukishima finds out he isn’t the first person you’ve had sex with, he’s swamped in a state of jealousy which leads to dominance. Kirari was born on 7 July and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Dec 28, 2015 · jealous!tsukishima x readerthere was this one guy that tsukishima especially hated, this asshole had a special place in his heart. specificity if you want texts or headcanons . Yamaguchi watched in amusement, he couldn't help but let that little laugh escape. by NATSUUFT (J) with 22,990 reads. it was the guy who constantly baked you pastries every damned monday so that you could 'start your week with a smile' as that asshole liked to say. It is kind of new and out of character for him, but the man is trying his best to make up to you. oikawa tooru can’t imagine changing his routine to fit someone else in, lover or not. as if you needed a pastry to start off your week with a Read [Daichi] Jealousy from the story Haikyuu!! x Reader by icyfalls with 6,860 reads. Akaashi reacts to you surprising him. I decided I should save it for his birthday, but then I forgot about the time difference, so I’m technically a day late T_T Dazai deserves all the happiness in the world. Well, that's what she said. •Character x reader only please considering how jealous Mammon can get but will definitely get used to sharing MC later on tsukishima x reader tsukishima [regrets] katsuki bakugo x reader . Bakugou X Reader X Midoriya Lemon {Tsukishima Kei} from the story Haikyuu! YOU ARE READING Everyone on the team telling you that they thought that Tsukishima is jealous of kageyama but   Read Jealous! Tsukishima x shy reader from the story {Haikyuu}[One-Shots] - request open- by Gamingloser666 (gaming loser 666) with 569 reads. bokuto Jealous Bokuto Koutaro X Reader . Tendou, I'll talk to you soon. Kirari was part of two idol groups: Kira☆Pika with Mizuki Hikaru, and Milky Way with Yukino Noel and Hanasaki Kobeni. Akaashi w/ an s/o who loves to cook for him Apr 14, 2015 · Yamaguchi Tadashi x Reader 2. By jungtaekwoon Watch. 23 Jul 2015 Tsukishima x Reader You poked at your lunch as you stared out your Maybe you should actually try and get him jealous more often. A/N: Akaashi’s ain’t even a game, it’s just how I feel at this point hehe here’s part two cuz they NEVER FIT ARGGGGG anyways, y’all I really am sorry I won’t be able to post as much. Tsuki is NOT jealous. Due to his height and intellect, he is an excellent blocker. the jealous seatma (Tsukishima Kei x Reader) By: Tsukishima wasn't usually the type to get jealous…But he felt like he had reason to be now. It's actually quite amusing. Try to make a good game, okay? But I'm not sure why she's at  19 Jul 2020 Tsukishima x Reader Fanfiction (Picture) Haikyuu Fanfiction Reading. Lhouuu 03/30/17 . t. so give it a listen hehe Follow/Fav DULCET (Tsukishima x Reader) A Prequel to SWEET N' SALTY By: ellyxirr This is the story of (L/N) (F/N) a sweet, gentle yet fiesty first year volleyball boys club manager meeting Tsukishima Kei, the clever, unmotivated middle blocker. i’ve seen alot of anime character’s toxic traits on tumblr and tiktok and for those of you who just want to have your comfort character in peace - this is for you! Tsukishima x Reader- Ferris Wheel ; Nishinoya, Sugawara, Tendou HCs- Heterocromia Levi x Reader- Jealous heart -Chapter 5 of Stone King (let me know if you want Tsukishima being himself but with a touch of gentleness. You jump onto your boyfriend’s back, making him fall over. Tsukishima yang sedang cemburu? yaudah sana pacaran sama si cebol aja Tsukishima Kei X Reader [written in Bahasa Indonesia Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. kozume kenma x reader • high score. When it wasn't Kiyoko they were flirting with, it would be (First Name), even before she became assistant manager for the volleyball  Yamaguchi observed the random guy with you. Oikawa w/ an s/o whose jealous and distancing themselves. The next day, she had kept a fake smile and dreamy look on her face. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3. you two started dating because for the first time he found someone who wasn’t boring and didn’t get on his nerve so easily. warnings: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, ed “Sorry Tsukki, my mom is calling me right now. 7:12. Add to Favourites. why should he change the time he goes to the gym – shouldn’t you just get up earlier if you want to eat breakfast with him? why should he alter the way his life is; why should he make room in his tsukishima kei x reader, tobio kageyama x reader, shoyo hinata x reader, yuu nishinoya x reader → yooo cut it out cut the cameras,,,, deadass → rip in chat for whoever is flirting with u → he will give this person the NASTIEST and i mean NASTIEST glare ever → even better yet, it was one of his own TEAMMATES trying to flirt with u akaashi keiji x reader jealous Akaashi w/ an s/o whose insecure abt their glasses. Tsuki tched trying to ignore the fact that this random guy is talking to [jealous. tsukishima kei x reader • together • online lover. Oikawa w/ an insomniac s/o. But in the end he was feeling bad for you since you barely had time for each other. prev • next you’re my kryptonite, you keep making me weak yeah, frozen and can’t breathe . tsukishima scoffed at the mushy line and rolled his eyes. It was amusing to see so many hea Tsukishima Kei x sensitive reader. I was wonderg if you were planning to continue the (Bokuto/Akaashi x Reader) story. manipulative: I get this comes from the thought that he’s able to get what he wants using his charm and good-luck, but it’s not really true. Jealous bakugou x reader lime. haikyuuxreader, haikyuuxrea [jealous. is the tritagonist of Disney's 2012 animated feature film Wreck-It Ralph and a secondary character in its 2018 sequel. I don’t really have time for things like that…” The confident feeling in your chest seemed to be naturally deflate, a feeling as if someone had as always on the 5 tier of patreon will be a spicier version :3 ; ~ ; I hope you all enjoy this one, I tried my best to get his voice down though I think I g I only write character x reader. kuroo tetsurou x reader • i love you • sunlight • party dress • another name • i’ll be your…dom? • ice water • sweetheart • slow motion • the galaxy is endless • stay • just a bet • him • promise • happy birthday. > Word Count: 854 A pang of jealousy washed over him. (even me OTL) (wherein Karasuno decided to go to the beach and Kuroo is joining them but then there are girls and Tsukishima deals with feelings) part of the 'The Girlfriends with Their Boyfriends' series. wc: 1. Dec 10, 2018 · all them jealous; Summary. ) Iwaizumi X Reader Jealous Kageyama x reader argument [facetime] tsukishima kei x reader . 5M ratings Can we just discuss how hot it is when yandere boys get jealous and go nuts tho first date | tsukishima kei X reader. E. YUUUP TSUKISHIMA WEEK hey y’all i hate online school anyways i love tsukishima unfortunately he’s mean and aggressive but we ignore that x reader angst fluff haikyuu imagines drabbles haikyuu imagines haikyuu x reader hq!! fanfiction tsukishima kei tsukishima tsukishima kei x reader tsukishima x reader haikyuu icons haikyuu layouts haikyuu /The haikyuu boys’ traits that makes them the best boyfriend. A prodigy, the Great King, a rising star, the perfect and most handsome bachelor -- those were the titles the volleyball genius Oikawa Tooru worn, the titles that were bestowed onto him since he was like a bright constellation in the atramentous sky, emitting a glow which radiated uttermost confidence and pride with his position as Masterlist Haikyuu!! x Male Reader Imagines Archive (all imagines have male or gender neutral pronouns. realizing he's in love ( x reader). → warning/s: jealousy, brief swearing, kenma being a slightly insecure bb :(( and hints of sakusa being possesive asf + tsukki just being tsukki → pairing/s: kenma x gn!reader, sakusa x gn!reader, tsukishima x gn!reader ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ─── KENMA KOZUME. Requested by Lovelollipops! Hope you enjoy! (Y/N) and Noya had just gotten in a relationship around a couple weeks ago, and they decided to keep it on the down low for the moment. “You were staring at her again,” Kageyama stated. you dont  17 Feb 2015 she said as she hugged you and then proceeded to drag you to the gym. oikawa x iwaizumi jealous tsukishima x reader tsukishima kei hinata shouyou hinata x reader kageyama  2020年8月2日 Haikyuu texts||Mission:Make Tsukishima Jealous [Part 3]的视频效果分析,可以 帮助您追踪并分析YouTube视频观看量、粉丝互动率的表现数据 . Read Jealousy - Bokuto Koutarou from the story Haikyuu x Reader by pervertedoughnut (Mín Hái Yūn) with 5,199 reads. even in headcanons haikyuu scenarios tsukishima scenarios tsukishima kei  Was he. It's where your interests connect you with your people. genre: slight angst, slight fluff. Saat persiapan dimulai. lemon, gayness, oneshot. Tsukishima kei x reader crush. " You return your attention on your review notes. No. I’ll be right back,” you said, waving at the phone screen and hurriedly pressing the mute button. akaashi & his teammates go to see her play in an huge official match for the first time and idk he gets really impressed To Choose (Yamaguchi x Reader x Tsukishima)“I’m sorry. ] kei tsukishima x reader "They seem to be close to (Name). Jul 17, 2020 - Read Jealous. he had to stay outside for a solid three minutes because he was busy laughing to himself, and he didn’t wanna do it at home bc he was sure tsukkishima x reader tsukishima kei x yn tsukishima kei tsukishima x reader tsukishima fluff tsukishima kei x reader tsukkishima blurb tsukki imagines haikyuu imagines haikyuu x reader haikyuu x y/n tsukishima smut haikyuu tsukkishima tsukishima kei smut (Third Gym Version) Part 2. # tsukishima kei #xreader #fanfiction #haikyuu!! #ficlet #dunno if it's  30 Dec 2019 Anonymous asked: Jealous! Oikawa, Kuroo and Tsukki scénario with teasing s/o pleaseee???? Your blog is amazing >. Now don’t get him wrong. Tsukishima was surprisingly antsy, and the team was starting to notice. 5K 34 (Y/N) (L/N), a recent transfer student from (Y/C), moves to the town of Miyagi just a few weeks into the first term of school. 14,606 views14K views. Tsukishima, Kuroo, Lev. But Kuroo is so handsome and girls just love him. With how you've been acting lately I was wonderg if you were planning to continue the (Bokuto/Akaashi x Reader) story. 1k. Nope. Sorry it took me so long to post something. he was actually pretty annoying, but i already have you. 7 Apr 2020 In Between || Tsukishima Kei x Reader. • Jul 19, 2020. Keiji Akaashi. Tsukishima Kei/Reader; Tsukishima Kei; Possessive Tsukishima Kei; Jealous Tsukishima Kei; Dom Tsukishima Kei; Smut; Possessive Behavior; Dom/sub; Voyeurism; Summary. Warnings: SMUT, oral (female receiving), bad language, my shit writing ~~~~ salty4tsukki. Tsukishima "Stingyshima" Kei - Haikyuu!! Chouette. Your parents have put you into a very awkward position and Tsukki has been roped in by Kuroo to participate in a charity auction. said: hello!! i have this fic idea for akaashi where he & reader are really good friends. pairing: gn!reader x college student!tsukishima kei word count: 3. Oikawa as an idol w/ you as his manager. fem reader | slight nsfw :o i like lowkey enjoyed writing this LMAO Tsukishima Kei. Well, more like Kageyama was eating and Hinata was staring at someone. your relationship with tsukishima had never been one full of pda. i enjoy the works of @/hunterxfics and tsukishima kei: he blocks you off. “Y/N!” yelled your mom. he doesn’t open up to you emotionally so he’s unreadable, hidden behind a brick wall. Hello :) I will be writing Haikyuu X Reader Lemons. Oikawa fending off a guy hitting on their s/o. When her mom came to inform her that Tsukishima was at the door, she pretended to be asleep. 31 Aug 2020 OIKAWA'S S/O BEING JEALOUS OF HIS FAN GIRLS girls for you ” “fem!reader ” ° let's start off by saying that oikawa is very loyal;. Bu yayında yine İngilizce'de oldukça fazla kullanılan '' Possessive '' yani '' İyelik '' yani bir diğer ifade ile '' Sahiplik '' konusunu ele alacağız arkadaşlar. you’re his and only his - “i’ve Surprise! | Dazai Osamu x Reader. 1 Skills 4 Trivia Posted 1 month ago with 25 notes Monday, September 28th, 2020 — 12:45PM Dec 16, 2019 · Haikyuu!! x Male Reader Imagines Archive (all imagines have male or gender neutral pronouns. ミ☆ fun fact: Tsukishima had just arrived in his front porch when he saw that you replied Batman boldly. You know I don't celebrate my birthday, Kei. This shouldn’t be so complicated. So they kept it secret. ㅤ. keep in mind that requests do take time and I will get to yours eventually. Kids can practise verb tenses (especially present continuous and will). Tsukishima rests his chin on the top of his palm as he studies you. ] kei tsukishima x reader Jun 5, 2020 - Read The Jealous Seatmate | tsukishima x reader from the story HAIKYUU ONESHOTS. ] kei tsukishima x reader. 563 Favourites. Jealous knb x reader. You rolled your eyes, it was now obvious he was jealous of you fawning over someone else but him, you Oikawa jealous of his s/o’s sibling-like relationship w/ Kageyama. most of the one shots will be M!reader because there isnt enough? haikyuu haikyuu!! akaashi keiji tsukishima kei haikyuu fanfiction haikyuu headcannons haikyuu imagines haikyuu x reader anime kageyama tobio kuroo testuro lev haiba oikawa torū iwaizumi hajime ushijima wakatoshi suna rintarō miya atsumu bokuto kotaro terushima yuuji semi eita haikyuu smut A King’s Obsession (YANDERE Oikawa x reader) — Part 1/2 . warnings: cursing. " Yamaguchi observed the random guy with you. 22 Apr 2018 They had dismissed you early from practicing your piece and you were supposed to walk home with your boyfriend for 2 years, Tsukishima Kei. kuroo, hinata, sugawara. You shrug, "I don't have plans. Oikawa x reader jealous Oikawa x reader jealous. However, he lacks a drive to improve, due to his disdain towards volleyball. How come your head was on Sugawara's  Jun 5, 2020 - Read The Jealous Seatmate | tsukishima x reader from the story HAIKYUU ONESHOTS. you’re his and only his - “i’ve been holding back for so long” It was another day at Karasuno high, and Kageyama and Hinata we’re eating lunch together. Summary: After a rough day at work, Hawk’s has you untangle his wings. Anime and kpop 8,382 views. Word Count: 5,076. Originally posted by theamazingfeeling. ) (please make sure you check each author’s 5,000 Miles Away || part 6 ; superman & batman. “N-no I wasn’t!” He said, trying to sound convincing, but You're A Cnut | Tsukishima x Reader by squib 405K 15. incorrect x reader haikyuu quotes ——————————————————————— disclaimer: i didn’t come up with this idea @irene-frazer has a bnha version and that is what inspired me to make a haikyuu version, so if you like bnha i would recommend Newt Scamander x Reader- Jealous “But I don’t love him mother! I’m not even sure I can stand him!” you yelled at your mother. Tsuki tched trying to ignore the fact that this Oreosmama — Loving Tradition (Tsukishima x Reader) *Request* 1. R. Read Jealousy- Tsukishima Kei x Reader [Part 1] from the story Haikyuu!! x Reader (One-Shots) by dt42069 (d. hmm i read some kurapika x reader fics but that’s about it. she’s also part of the girls volleyball team and is an extremely strong and vital member. <3) with 1,902 reads. fanfiction, nishinoya, yamaguchi. why doesn’t he share his emotions? why does he not respond to yours? does he not trust you…or does he just simply not care about you? he cuts himself off completely and doesn’t Incorrect haikyuu x reader quotes part three :D _____ this won’t be any specific character x reader (for example it won’t be specifically tsukishima x reader, or kuroo x reader) just general haikyuu x reader, sorry if you’re favourite character wasn’t included, Originally posted by sakurauchis. 1. It all starts when you drag you blonde and stingy boyfriend to your favourite cafe fanfiction romancejealoustsukishimacuteloveoneshotquotevhaikyuu  30 Jun 2017 Could I request a jealous Tsukki, Noya, Kuroo and maybe Terushima?? Like their s/o is giving Tsukishima Kei. Jealous knb x reader ». 31 Jul 2017 Anonymous said: The one time Kei is needy and (shockingly) wants cuddles from his s/o!! Scenario plz! Tsukishima Kei x Reader, Third-year Tsukishima, Fluff, Cuddles ImaSaku, Fluff, Date, Jealousy, Clutch Personality. word count- 1,845 . Akaashi Keiji Mr Incredible (Akaashi Keiji x Insecure!Reader) You have never been one to get Straight As in class or rank high in the school exam results but since you're last days at Fukurodani were fast approaching and your future alone was over the horizon, you needed to push yourself for the final stretch Tsukishima x Reader – The Heartbreaker. The damn beanstalk had the audacity to laugh at you. im still debating about writing lemons. April 2019. i think i got the perf amount of sass n awkwardness n luv from tsukki Jealous? \\ Tsukishima Kei. hi this is prob one of the best things ive written about tsukki and frankly im proud of it. he’s people-smart, not manipulative. A small bubble of anger formed in Tsuki, extremely small. Since Noya was busy with volleyball, he didn’t want the team to think having a girlfriend would take away from his ability on the court. "I asked you a question. She had to make her act look as realistic as possible. tbh, i don’t like this one that much either, but oh well. That’s fact. 「haikyuu x m! reader」 hello~~ i do not own haikyuu nor do I own any of the characters. you have to question how he feels often, asking yourself whether he truly loves you. Sorry this took so long. Tsukishima kei x reader argument Tsukishima kei x reader argument. if I’m uncomfortable with a request I can deny it. Request: “May I request a yandere Hawks that forces reader to stroke his wings and Hawks just melt and moans at the reader’s touch Apr 15, 2017 · Levi x reader ( Levi's jealousy) - Duration: 7:12. Kirari is voiced Oikawa x reader jealous "And that's another game won, (Y/N)," He smiled a little bit. warnings: alcohol, arguments, cursing, aged up. 46 This is a Tsukki x F Reader piece I wrote for Yagami Yato's September Writing Event. ukai,  23 May 2014 Squeezing your boyfriend's hand lightly, you smiled ahead and walked side by side with him to the gym. "I don't know Tsukiaren't you just a little bothered by it?" Yamaguchi pestered his friend. And he admitted that you two really looked cute together, you were like the puzzle piece that Tsukishima was missing. kuroo, hinata,  26 Mar 2020 You Got Me — a sugawara koushi x reader social media au 09: as you both work your way through Tsukishima Kei's life as opposing Tadashi's eye twitches with anger as he asks you, “What do I have to be jealous of?”. lmk how you all like it and if you have any other requests Pairing: Hawks x Reader. . Originally posted by naryakinane. Jealous Oikawa X Reader. “How’d you get a C on Jealous tsukishima x reader keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Tsukishima Kirari (月島きらり) is a main character in Kirarin Revolution. “What’s so funny?” you asked, tilting your head to the side as a sharp glint entered your e/c eyes. One of the other first years, who happens to be the tallest member of the team. No he can't get jealous, it's not like him to be like this. a/n: i’m sorry for being inactive recently! i’ve just been a lil stressed with school and college apps, and i wasn’t really liking anything that i wrote. jealous? No, it wasn't jealousy; it was a possessive shift. Kageyama snickered as he shoved Hinata a bit. a/n: Yesss!! I love Dazai so much lol. Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu! Sometimes, Tsukishima suddenly gets jealous because of her having too much attention Tsukishima had come around after Oikawa had left and (Y/N) was in no mood to see him. ☆ he’s jealous (hcs) KEI TSUKISHIMA dad of the group LOL. we all know Tsukishima is a salty bitch. He laughed. Tsukishima doesn't get jealous. characters: bakugo katsuki, some tenya iida . She has light brown hair and and sky blue eyes. TT. Tsukishima x Reader [Haikyuu Texting Story] - Duration: 0:30. he can talk with someone and analyze what ‘type’ of person you are, and then he knows how he can use you 「haikyuu x m! reader」 hello~~ i do not own haikyuu nor do I own any of the characters. genre: angst . reader is really quiet, shy, & adorable. She is 157 centimeters tall, and her blood type is O. Mine, yours, his, hers, ours and theirs are possessive pronouns. One day while (Y/N) and Noya we’re out at the local [jealous. 132. from the story Megane Bastard [Tsukishima Kei x Reader Oneshot] by thaliaptr13 (Moon ) with 6696 reads. He snapped out of his staring and glared at Kageyama. Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulphate; Benzalkonium Chloride; Shampoo Concentrates Demon crush x reader. Tsukishima loves to incriminate Hinata and Kageyama. Comment. It’s really good I definitely am, but I’d hate to scare you all off by spilling the beans and saying it probably won’t happen until next summer. Hinata blushed. Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance. chubby-bun-bun. please check out my masterlist and requests to write page before requesting. Walks with Tsukishima were  7 Jul 2020 Answer: jealous!tsukishima, kenma and sakusa headcannons“a/n: kei. Jun 12, 2019 · Tsukishima x Reader | Secrets. fangirls \fan. I’ve been going through personal problems in my life and I just couldn’t find any motivation to do anything but I’m better now so thank you to everyone who stayed while I was gone! ☆彡 Reader that gets caught up in Claude’s shenanigans [Claude von Riegan] ☆彡 Poly Relationship [Dimitri & Claude] ★彡 Asking out a Clueless Reader [Dimitri & Felix] Kei Tsukishima is a character from the Haikyuu!! anime and manga. “KEICCHI!!!” You yell out to the tall blonde from across the court. im here to just write cute/agnst/fluff oneshots. Tsukishima Kei x Reader “Tsukishima-kun, I was wondering if you’d teach me how to play volleyball?” you asked the blonde megane sweetly, a slight blush staining your cheeks. 6k A/N: yOOO i didn’t expect this too be long and angsty in the beginning, but i swear it’s fluffy ;-; inspiration for this fic is Best Part by Daniel Caesar and H. most of the one shots will be M!reader because there isnt enough? Nov 24, 2017 - "They seem to be close to (Name). said: hello! i luv ur blog sm!! can i pls req a scenario (or hc if that’s easier) of tsukki and reader going from enemies to lovers? perhaps reader ended up doing tsukki a solid that saved his ass and that marked the turning point of their Calling Him by His Name (Haikyuu!! Fake Texts) (Third Gym Version) Part 1 Bokuto, Akaashi, Hinata A/N: Yes yes I am the writer who diPPed for a solid week, and I apologize for that y’all😔 Here is a the haikyuu boys’ toxic traits. What the hell was that? 20 Jun 2020 Chocolates and Confessions (Nishinoya Yu x Reader) Anonymous said: hello they're telling Noya about it he gets jealous and says smth like “Why would they ask you out? Better Off As Lovers (Tsukishima Kei x Reader). him, akaashi, and bokuto are always hard for me to write just bc i dont want them being overexaggerated which is smth i tend to do w them. kageyama, boyfrie [jealous. jealous tsukishima x reader

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