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Aizawa shouta x student reader

aizawa shouta x student reader That was about to change. Your first try was the pocky game. Aizawa X Reader - Coffee Confessions Shouta Aizawa wasn’t a patient man, in fact most would call him very impatient man child, but today he would be patient. Therefore, she must be living with our teacher. But after graduation, that changes when you accept a job at an agency that has you work undercover and cut all your ties. Normally he wouldn’t have A normal, college student, you've been cantering your way through life pretty much undisturbed. I go by Pairing: Shouta Aizawa x Reader If he's harsher on his students that day, nobody says anything. There isn't any aizawa x student reader so wanted to give it a shot #1 shoutaaizawa in 2019 Read [Lemon] Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader from the story Boku no hero academia one shots by Queenie_Wolf with 18,009 reads. aizawa is 25. ) Warnings: implied neglect, emotional abuse, and unhealthy relationships. You  4 Nov 2018 MasterlistBNHA *SMUT •Learning Aizawa ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+ (UA high as a college university) (Aizawa x yandere!student reader x  28 Jan 2020 Being Aizawa Shouta's child (I don't see a lot of familial Aizawa imagines, Nezu is very professional about seeing you again, greeting you like a student and not a Reader. Aizawa Shouta x student reader (COMPLETED) Romance. 's Class 1-A. The boyfriend of your mother always has something mean or dumb to say. A, it was always the four of you: Shouta, Hizashi, Toshi, and you. Amongst them is the Bakugou family, and then there is your father. ” song inspo → imagination by foster the people!!! GO LISTEN ITS SO GOOD!!! Originally posted by aishitetsuro. Shouta, as tired as he was, had after years of experience become a very light sleeper. I hope that’s okay! :-) This also takes place during/after the time the league of villains attacked the students at USJ. shouta aizawa x reader. Hizashi Yamada; Present Mic. Hello everyone! I'm officially off hiatus after a year. Parents mostly sat on the benches and watched their little children chasing each other around making high-pitched noises. Words: 1. For @the-wild-ego. 9 Jul 2020 aizawa shouta x reader → where's my love pt. /Present Mic, 1-A Students - Chapters: 20 - Words: 23,617 - Reviews: Shouta said, trying to keep his Pairing: Aizawa Shouta x Female!Reader Warnings: None! Author’s Note: This was a request from a lovely anon I know Valentine’s Day was like a whole ass week ago but here u go!! i hope this is good I love writing Aizawa as a dad so I HOPE this is okay!! The Teacher Trap (Aizawa x Reader) P3 Teacher Trap Masterlist So, you might be a little hungover right now. deku, aizawa, shinsou. He feels like he’s drifting, his body weightless in the dark as his lids are too heavy to open. aizawa shouta x reader aizawa shouta mha bnha bnha aizawa mha aizawa aizawa x Hello since Christmas is in two days (it probably won't be when you write this but) could I request headcanons (or a little scenario whatever you feel like atm) with aizawa and his student. I hope you enjoyed this one shot I created while trying to get back into writing again. ❥Izuku Midoriya/Deku: Izuku x  9 Nov 2019 With all four paws now on the ground, you made your way to the courtyard Aizawa took his newest students to. The introverted student (reader) isn't a fan of the holidays because she has to be at home around her (not so great) family so she finds a way to sneak out and maybe she runs into her teacher at like a convenience store late at night and he helps her out. Shouta Aizawa. So she crawls into bed with the reader and Aizawa. . (Dadzawa) Aizawa Shouta x Female! Student!Reader. His students had been bothering him for quite some time, they usually did, but this time was different. Originally posted by cherriielle. You see, Aizawa never seems to express anything other than tiredness and apathy. A, hidden in a booth that sat far away from other people, mainly annoying teenagers that insisted on screaming every word that spilled from their mouths. The Teacher Trap (Aizawa x Reader) P2 Teacher Trap Masterlist Aizawa doesn’t like how giggly Ashido’s being this class period. The playground was as busy as always. Word count ; 1504 words. But was most likely for him. two“part one summary: aizawa remains Aizawa looked over to his students, he looked so tired. female reader. Take Me Away From Here (Yandere!Aizawa x Reader) Warnings: Kidnapping, abuse, and yandere (obviously lol) Summary: Ever since you were young, you had silently wished for someone to take you away from your shitty homelife and when you voice that desire as a joke to a work colleague, he takes it a bit too seriously. Have a good day Buttercups! ~Doki pairing → aizawa shouta x reader. I gotta get my stuff together. hi nonnie, sorry I took so long wit your request but finally it’s here! hope you like it even tho I twisted the propmt a little bit, anyways hope life is treating you well!!♥️♥️♥️ - mara. Summary: You’re Aizawa’s wife and you visit him in Follow/Fav Taking Turns Aizawa x Reader. summary → “i see us dancing by ourselves, we do it better with no one around - just you in my imagination. You blame Kayama. Even though he was also off of work, he didn’t had anything to do so stayed around, lazing around and doing nothing. shouta x reader aizawa shouta x reader bnha aizawa shouta aizawa shouta fluff aizawa shouta you made your way to the courtyard Aizawa took his newest students to. toshinori yagi aizawa shouta yamada hizashi bnha  18 Mar 2019 24 yr old full time student here. He cursed under his breath, unlike with Hizashi, he couldn’t just kick them to the ground to make them shut up and even if he could, they’d just start crying even louder. Youre a new student in UA youre one of the top most recommended students. You thought to yourself constantly that you will always despise men especially  13 Aug 2019 reader | favorite student. Pairing: Shouta Aizawa x F!Reader . Eri-chan lives with him. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Aizawa Shouta X Reader. sexualfantasy, shouta, myheroacad I love you | Shouta Aizawa x Reader AN: Ugh my husband, but I have a total of two (2) one-shots written for him. (In which Shouta learns some concerning things about the reader, and Toshinori wonders. Maybe he starts getting a little jealous hearing all the students say how cool she is and that she stops by the dorms to help them cook. · Pairing: Aizawa Shouta x Reader · Summary: Eri’s been having a hard time sleeping at night. Although it could have been for someone else. this plays in a college for  16 Oct 2019 image. Before I Aizawa Shouta / Eraserhead ; Mental Health ; Shota Aizawa x fem! 3rdYear!Student! Reader; Summary ; You’re experiencing the hell on earth in your own home. 6k . you were his special listener and he took advantage of that, plus his quirk. ➵ Wanrings ; Mention of anxiety and  12 Feb 2019 professor!shouta aizawa x student!reader (nsfw) disclaimer: it's a work of fiction and the reader is 20. Echelisse. Warnings: Mentions of depression, mental illness. Genre ; Angst, Drama, Fluff. The pink student asked as she balanced 3 sacks of candy and a coke in her hands. It was the constant yelling and jumpscares he did to you. The class 1-A finds out that Shinsou isn't the only one  Feb 27, 2020 - Read Please don't touch my back from the story Shouta Aizawa x Student Reader ❤️❤️❤️ by ZerioKira (Hiroki) with 9217 reads. He also guessed that it was there for him. I hope I made it fluffy/cute enough! I had loads of fun writing this too! You were on a mission. This mystery person lives with Eri-chan. Aizawa Shota x Male!Reader - Camping It was summer vacation and Aizawa was still lingering around the school grounds of U. 31 Oct '17 / 3:37PM › 29 notes # bnha writing # bnha # aizawa shouta # aizawa x reader # aizawa scenario # twitwrites # eraserhead # eraserhead x reader # aizawa shouta scenario # aizawa shouta writing # shouta aizawa writing # shouta Aug 06, 2020 · Post-Kamino, Shouta and Toshinori meet their students’ parents. What the hell? Shota Aizawa (相 (あい) 澤 (ざわ) 消 (しょう) 太 (た) , Aizawa Shōta?), also known as the Erasure Hero: Eraser Head (イレイザー・ヘッド, Ireizā Heddo?), is a Pro Hero and the homeroom teacher of U. Maybe the idea that you actually like him back isn't as crazy as it seems. Walking through the grass was  13 Jul 2018 -He helps you dry your tears and walks you back to the dormitory to make sure you're fine. Request: Can I get Aizawa x female reader is a Teacher’s Assistant and Aizawa has had his eye on her since she first started helping out around UA. dabi, bakugou, shinsou. Parents  9 Sep 2019 Pairing ; Aizawa Shota x 3rdYear!Student!Reader. After some strange circumstances, you find yourself in the company of Japan's most prestigious school. He knew you were a jumpy person. Aizawa Shouta x Reader. He sat in the small coffee shop near U. shouta,  Apr 25, 2019 - Read Please don't touch my back from the story Shouta Aizawa x Student Reader ❤️❤️❤️ by ZerioKira (Hiroki) with 9217 reads. He let out exasperated sigh. shouta,  16 Dec 2018 Aizawa inwardly smiles. You thought to yourself constantly that you will always despise men especially after what happened to you in the past. Request: I told myself I wouldn’t request right away, but here I am! Anyway, I would love a scenario where Aizawa’s goddaughter is trapped outside in the woods during the attack on the training camp, and ends up racing after Apr 25, 2019 - Read Please don't touch my back from the story Shouta Aizawa x Student Reader ️ ️ ️ by ZerioKira (Hiroki) with 7,952 reads. By: Hizashi Y. I just really like the headcanons where you care for Eri like a aizawa shouta eraserhead aizawa x reader eraserhead x reader  Making time (Aizawa Shouta x Reader)Words: 802 Warning: None. I'm so sorry I didn't come back with an aizawa x reader, but I've had this story idea in my head ever since I stopped writing for a while. Shouta Aizawa x Student Reader ❤️❤️❤️ - Please don't touch my back. For the person who requested Aizawa x Student!Reader this is going to be more platonic mostly because you are underage in this story while Aizawa is an adult. Granted, he never likes how giggly she is, but now she’s actively Oct 22, 2018 · One of his students, and he had a good guess who it happened to be, had placed the mistletoe there. Pairings; Hizashi x Fem!Reader Keigo x Fem!Reader Aizawa x Fem!Reader. Aizawa-sensei is living with another adult, a female, no less. She invited you out to drinks last night. Sparks flew around in the students’ minds as they tried to connect the dots. Your Quirk was never really the type to draw people's eyes to you, but nowadays, it's nearly impossible to escape from that eerie, golden gaze. Jul 30, 2020 · Picture detail for Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader (COMPLETED): Title: Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader (COMPLETED) Date: July 30, 2020 Size: 110kB Resolution: 510px x 532px More Galleries of Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader (COMPLETED) Taken • Aizawa x Reader • Originally posted by anime4lifu. Shouta knows he shouldn’t think about you like this. YOU ARE READING. “WHAAAA- ” that was the answer of most of Aizawa's students when Yamada Hizashi  19 Dec 2019 I was thinking about writing a longer story with a student reader and I was wondering who you would like to see me write for! I would really  ❥Aizawa Shouta/Eraserhead: Aizawa x N!Reader-angst to fluff comfort. Warnings; swearing, fluff. word count → 497. aizawa x reader aizawa shouta x reader  10 Mar 2018 Student!Reader x Aizawa Shouta/Eraserhead]. Shouta Aizawa x Student Reader ️ ️ ️ - Please don't touch my back Youre a new student in UA youre one of the top most recommended students. Just to make sure everybody’s aware, these will Read [Lemon] Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader from the story Boku no hero academia one shots by Queenie_Wolf with 18166 reads. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works | recovery | aizawa shōta X teacher!reader. You never planned on being a hero, but your quirks are a perfect match. Before you realize it, you've got a mysterio SNAKE [Aizawa Shouta x Villain Male reader] aizawa shouta aizawa x reader aizawa shouta x reader aizawa x male!reader male!reader eraserhead eraserhead x reader boku no hero When the student who had caused Back when you were a student at U. A. A mission to make your boyfriend blush. Teacher! Aizawa x Student!Reader-featherymess(18+). Till one day you had enough and decided to run away and flee to your favorite teacher - Aizawa Shota Mar 10, 2018 · The playground was as busy as always. Aizawa-sensei lives in the faculty dorms in the Heights Alliance. “HEY MY SPECIAL LISTENER!!!” Aizawa chose to ignore his nosy friend and quietly slipped into his sleeping bag, contently falling to sleep. He was used to your presence next to him after years of dating and eventually marriage. aizawa shouta x student reader

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