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Accident reconstruction expert texas

accident reconstruction expert texas Collision Reconstruction Engineer. The sooner the accident reconstruction expert arrives at the scene the better; tire marks on the roadway can begin to fade within 1-2 days after the incident. John C. com or call us at 303-925-1900. Benanti has been a traffic accident reconstruction specialist for thirty years and has investigated, reconstructed or supervised the reconstruction of over 6,700 motor vehicle accidents. , discusses the process of reconstructing a bicycle crash. The goal of accident reconstruction is to determine the events of an accident and identify the causal factors. Accident Reconstruction (1) Auto Accidents — Diminished Values (1) John Lloyd, PhD, CPE is a biomechanics expert and has served as an expert witness for 25+ years, providing nationwide expert testimony in the fields of biomechanics, human factors, auto / motorcycle accident reconstruction and slips trips and falls. 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year! PO BOX 136055. ), you have to prove the negligence of the other party. In order to testify, the expert must be qualified and have used the appropriate methodology for the opinions offered. The Crash Reconstruction, courses are usually hard to find or too far in the future. Fakes, Fools, and Frauds," Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, 1993. com), which is an often-used national resource for attorneys to locate expert witnesses. David King is a senior engineer at MEA Forensic and leads the Collision Reconstruction group in Los Angeles. Our mission is to provide thorough investigations and objective reconstructions in a timely, cost-efficient manner and to communicate our findings clearly and concisely through written report, oral testimony, and scale exhibits. Accident Reconstruction And Expert Crash Analysis Mr. With over 20 years of experience investigating and testifying in cases involving a variety of forensic engineering issues, Dr. Lund was his department's lead   Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction also offers expert witness testimony and expert testimony in numerous courts throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. R H Wright & Associates is a vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction company in Tomball, Texas that specializes in handling all types of motor vehicle accidents. Accident reconstruction and safety expert witnesses provide analysis, consultation, and expert testimony to the actions in an accident, their causes, and the aftermath. He received his degree in Bioengineering from Texas A&M University in 1996. 1731 Bent Tree Court, Granbury, Texas 76049. Our fundamental procedures establish the principal manner in which we conduct each investigation and we provide numerous tools and scientific data for many issues. Search our Texas, United States Accident Reconstruction database and connect with the best Vehicle Crash Experts and other Accident Reconstruction Professionals in Texas, United States. We are based in Melbourne and operate in all states and territories in Australia to provide in-depth and scientific reconstructions for criminal (fatal, serious injury, culpable driving, dangerous driving) offenses and civil (insurance, liability, road design, road and vehicle It is one of many such examples. what was the date of the accident; how were you notified about the accident; when did you arrive at the scene; where did the accident Jun 24, 2015 · Accident reconstruction specialists can reconstruct all of the specifics that led to a motorcycle accident. Borchers received his training through the Northwestern University Traffic Institute (now the Center for Public Safety), the Institute for Police Training & Management (IPTM) of the University of North Florida and the Texas 72 vehicle accident reconstruction jobs available. Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction also provides training in various subjects in the field of professional private Nathan is the CEO and a Principal Accident Reconstructionist at Luminous Forensics, an accident reconstruction and forensic animation firm based in Colorado and California. founded Moody Engineering, Inc. Tim Lovett has taught nation-wide for Visual Statement, a firm that specializes in collision diagramming, reconstruction, animation and simulation software. Accident Reconstruction Forensic Engineering Civil Stormwater Planning attorneys and other experts in the fields of property inspection and forensic accident  He has been qualified as an expert by multiple courts, both state and federal, and in numerous areas in the field of traffic reconstruction. Patent Number 3,381,527 Peter J. Accidents have a host of sources of information that must be measured and assessed by people with deep experience in forensic engineering. In such cases, the police officer – who is neither judge, nor jury, nor engineer –becomes a sort of super expert. is The Expert Witness Training Company. 4763 today to discuss how I can help. TAARS was founded in 1986 as an organization dedicated to advancing Research, Knowledge, Education and Safety in the field of accident reconstruction. Larry’s curriculum vitae is available for download below or at www. Alex Helping You Piece theStory Together. Over the years, Mj Traffic Accident Reconstruction has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of accident reconstruction and has provided expert testimony in numerous courts throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. 1999 "Crash ’98" – Conference on Reconstruction and Safety on the Highways, TEEX – Oct. Knox & Associates is a full-service forensic consulting firm that specializes in traffic accident reconstruction, crime scene reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting incident reconstruction, death scene analysis, equivocal death investigations, and scene documentation. An accidents can have a significant impact, making it crucial to use expert witnesses to clarify questionable issues. Accident Reconstruction Service Automobile Accident Attorneys Transportation Law Attorneys. In 2018 I created a consulting company, Forensic Collision Investigation, LLC. 4763 AIR550 – Collision Reconstruction. We provide failure analysis, fire and explosion investigations, digital forensics, accident reconstruction, building and construction consulting, geotechnical engineering, damage evaluations and equipment restoration services following disasters of all kinds. Dr. EDR Expert Directory. Varnas, Lorie - Houston, TX Throughout his career, he owned and operated commercial vehicles and commercial vehicle companies. Qualify your AR before hiring him/her in your tractor-trailer case because commercial vehicle accidents have distinctive issues and dynamics because of their size and weight. With over 50 years of accident reconstruction experience, we offer accident reconstruction and investigation services ranging from rapid response to final trial testimony. com. , 32824 Michigan Avenue San Antonio, Florida, 33576, USA, Tel: 813-624-8986; Fax: 352-588-0688; E-mail: drjohnlloyd@tampabay. 24 Hour Emergency Service Available. Experienced collision investigators seeking to master the complexities of analyzing traffic collisions and reconstruct the events should attend this course. Accidents involving significant property damage, injuries or even death are life altering events. Rangel has over 25 years of experience investigating and analyzing vehicle collisions and other types of dynamic events. He can be contacted at 978-276-1234 or jim@seak. Expert Reconstruction is a complete traffic accident reconstruction consulting Traffic Engineering Seminar and Staged Crash Tests, College Station, Texas,  Mr. PAUL L. Counterparties will bring in experts in an attempt to prove their side of the case. 347 Houston TX 77092 USA phone: 281-734-7222 Accident reconstruction expert witnesses and forensic consultants, profiled here, may provide expert opinions, analyze and reconstruct complex accidents, often involving collisions of personal, commercial, or industrial vehicles, including airplanes, autos, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, trucks, or pedestrians, and matters of blackboxes, collision speed, traffic accident reconstruction San Antonio, Texas - Failure Expert Witnesses: Varnas, Lorie - Houston, TX Accident Reconstruction, Computer Forensics, E-Discovery Evaluations, Biomechical Texas A&M University. The course expands on the fundamentals of crash investigation with special emphasis on crash reconstruction. Fellow-American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Evans Accident Reconstruction is a full-service firm based in College Station, Texas, capable of handling all aspects of vehicle accident reconstruction using modern methods and equipment. The low-stress way to find your next vehicle accident reconstruction job opportunity is on SimplyHired. (Watson Engineering Corp. In so doing, ACTAR encourages the integrity, consistency and professionalism of those involved in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction. C. About James Paul Evans, P. - Dallas, TX Accident reconstruction, failure analysis, food adulteration, and microscopic analysis of trace evidence. (Doc. Also, reconstructionists can compare the accounts of drivers and witnesses with the physical evidence at the scene. Fully accredited, Mr. The purpose of this training is to provide officers with the best collision investigation training available. The Crash Hub is the leading online EDR Expert Directory. Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin (TARO) Indiana Association of Certified Accident Investigators. Lucas, Texas Accident investigation, reconstruction, and analysis for passenger and commercial vehicles through employment of engineering and scientific disciplines. 2d 472,474 (1977) (“a witness may be competent to express an expert opinion if he is reasonably familiar with the subject under investigation, regardless of whether this special knowledge is based upon professional training, observation, actual experience, or any Average rates. These tools aid an expert witness in constructing persuasive testimony for a judge and jury. Lew Grill has training and experience in truck accident investigation, vehicle dynamics, and accident reconstruction, including heavy truck vehicle accident reconstruction, automobile and motor cycle accident reconstruction, and pedestrian vs. Mangraviti was the co-founder in 2000 of SEAK’s Expert Witness Directory (www. However, police officers are qualified to testify regarding accident reconstruction if they are trained in the science and possess the high degree of knowledge sufficient to qualify as an expert. Trinity Forensics, LLC, based in central Texas, provides consulting services in the field of traffic accident reconstruction to aid attorneys and insurance companies in the assessment and resolution of legal disputes and potential legal problems. provides accident reconstruction services and forensic investigations based on years of experience through engineering analysis. Accident Reconstruction, Cause Analysis and Expert Testimony (Licensed in Texas to provide "causes of an accident or injury" per requirements of the Texas Occupational Code). There are a number of companies, or associations, that specifically provide accident reconstruction expertise. Nov 07, 2014 · In many personal injury or wrongful death accidents, the parties will hire accident reconstruction experts to testify regarding the reenactment of the crash and generally who is at fault. Plaintiff moves in limine for an order excluding the testimony of, Defendant’s accident reconstruction expert, 4 as to the speed of the motor vehicles based on skid marks and other facts. Forensic Engineering, Failure Analysis, Accident Reconstruction, Expert Testimony, Testing, Graphics and Animations Services, Litigation Support State Bar of Texas 2019-2020. A. ARACC owner Brian Charles has been a recognized expert in the area of motor vehicle accident reconstruction, crash analysis and associated fields since 1977. (AHS), jumped a curb, hit two parked cars and then struck Mr. Based in College Station, Texas, the KLLC team includes experts in the areas of crash reconstruction, roadway design, railroad crossings, eminent domain, pavement composition, traffic control devices, and many other transportation design areas. R. Expert, PhD, CPE is a biomechanics expert and has served as an expert witness for 25+ years, providing nationwide expert testimony in the fields of biomechanics, ergonomics, human factors and auto / motorcycle accident reconstruction. L. Since 1998, Nathan has focused his professional life on research, writing, and consulting related to vehicular crashes. The Crash Hub - Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory. Trucking expert reports o. 2. I have 15 years of experience, and specialize in the field of engineering mechanics with specific knowledge in the areas of low-damage collision analysis, reconstruction and general mechanics or dynamics analysis. Baratta taught biomechanics to orthopedic surgeons seeking recertification. Trucking Reconstruction Specializing in accident reconstruction and simulation training using HVE, HVE-2D and HVE-CSI. Expert Rear End Accident Attorney in Lewisville, TX. Harold. Our expert witnesses are defined by practical investigative experience and comprehensive training. Founded in 1984, We provide Quality Accident Reconstruction Services in criminal and civil cases for plaintiffs and defendants. 2000 Acceleration and VC2000PC Training – Feb. His primary areas of consulting expertise include injury consistency biomechanics, accident reconstruction, medical device failures and intellectual property. Website Directions More Info. Our experts provide accident reconstruction investigations for attorneys and insurance professionals throughout the United States. Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Training Accident investigation is a highly technical, exacting field. CADKEY – 97, hands on 3‐D design software training, Houston, Texas, April 1997; Patents “Tension Measurement Device” U. 8. Maryland common law has long set parameters for experts to offer opinions at trial Radman v. Emphasis on environment and vehicle modeling, using SIMON, EDSMAC4, EDCRASH and EDGEN physics programs, and also creating movies using the Playback Editor. We're here to help as expert witnesses, engineering consults. Pfeifer is a leading expert in accident reconstruction, roadside safety, maintenance of traffic, and analysis of mechanical systems, and product failures. E. , PhD, P. Felton served as an instructor at the Texas A&M University Law Enforcement Training Division for 10 years. The webinar will discuss best practices for questioning and cross-examining deponents, strategies for strengthening or challenging an expert's credentials, techniques to indicate or disprove bias, interest or prejudice, and raising and defending Accident Reconstruction Services. Expert Witness Larry W. The scientific role- collecting and evaluating evidence and forming an expert opinion as to that evidence, and 2. Delivering advanced accident reconstruction services with integrity, proven methodology, and state-of-the-art technology. Thorough evaluation by reconstruction experts is required in many cases to determine the actual cause and fault of motorcycle crashes. , ACTAR Don is a mechanical engineer specializing in vehicular accident reconstruction and the forensic analysis of crash protection systems and components. He Request Expert. Coming from a law enforcement background and having spent the past 25 years as an accident reconstruction consultant, Bruce operates McNally & Associates emphasizing a balance of professional reconstruction services with honest customer relations. Hal Watson,Jr. Crash Analysis & Reconstruction LLC. Yung holds a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan), a master of science degree in Bioengineering from Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas), and has completed a year of post-graduate studies at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) in Search our Dallas, Texas Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness database and connect with the best Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Professionals and other Legal Professionals in Dallas, Texas. Visit us at www. Accident Investigation I & II, AAIAA – Mar. Traffic Safety Training Center is committed to enhance officers’ knowledge and skills. They are specially trained in the dynamics surrounding the motion and operation of motorcycles. Forensic Engineering & Accident Reconstruction Services. Crash Data Specialists in partnership with Accident Analysis and Crash LLC are pleased to provide a wide selection of Collision Reconstruction Courses from Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR) through Basic Accident Investigation (At-Scene / Level 2), Advanced Accident Investigation (Technical / Level 3), Collision Reconstruction as well as Pedestrian Collision Reconstruction, Crush and Energy The plaintiff's accident reconstruction expert said the truck was going 40 mph when it entered the intersection and it was overloaded, both of which led to its rollover. 1998 Crash Data Services, LLC has been involved in traffic accident investigation and crash reconstruction for over 20 years. Our staff of engineers and analysts provide initial consultation and case review, accident investigation, accident reconstruction, research and testing, trial exhibit preparation, expert testimony and integrated case evidence storage. Apply to Engineer, Senior Consultant, Senior Architect and more! Larry Workman, an experienced consultant and expert witness for PVC piping systems, solvent welding, design, failure analysis, and inspection. Sep 12, 2013 · In this situation, experts' credibility is a decisive factor. Oct 13, 2020 · Investigators, including a Wyoming crash reconstruction expert and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, are looking into the circumstances surrounding the crash and making a forensic Stephen R. Price & Co. "Classic Errors in Accident Reconstruction: Real Experts vs. Momentum, principle direction of force, Delta-V, vector analysis, and time/distance are highlighted in this course. Vehicle Accidents occurring at low-speeds and high-speeds, multi-vehicle pile-ups, accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, trains and stationary objects as well as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. Steven, President of DJS Associates, is a nationally recognized, board-certified consultant in the areas of accident/collision reconstruction, highway safety and traffic engineering. McKinzie has testified over 150 times as an expert in Forensic Mapping, Commercial Vehicle Operation, and Accident Reconstruction, in State and Federal courts. com Total Transportation Experts RGK Consultants has a Rapid Response Team ready to assist our client’s needs 24 hours a day 365 days a year. , 1995. REI is dedicated to providing accurate, complete and timely investigations that are based on scientific principles. Sean Alexander has been qualified to testify as an Expert in not only Accident Reconstruction but also Forensic Mapping in Federal, Superior and State Courts. How can the accident reconstruction experts help my case? In order to claim any compensation for your damages (injuries, property damage, etc. Accident Reconstruction Experts. While at Texas A&M, he received the distinguished student award from the college of engineering. Tim Lovett is listed as a trainer for REC-TEC accident reconstruction software as well as a certified instructor for CAD Zone’s Crash and Crime scene drawing software. REI investigators hold the distinguished Certified Fire Investigator (CFI-IAAI) certification and are also certified accident reconstructionists through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). Busby, at Primary Investigations, can provide consulting expert witness service and/or testifying expert witness services in the vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction field. The Crash Reconstruction Expert Directory is owned and operated by Crash Data Group, Inc. 1. 793. Mike Panish is an expert unlike any other expert witness you may have worked with in the past. Houston, TX. , is the President and founder of SEAK, Inc. Momentum Engineering Corp. For nearly 50 years ATA Associates has been one of the nation's leading providers of accident reconstruction and forensic engineering services. Dallas, Texas - Failure Expert Witnesses: Weckerling, Alan B. The number of collisions is continually growing, as is our team. If an expert during an interview process can explain concepts to a lawyer simply and clearly then that expert will be able to do the same to a jury. Kilpatrick; Kilpatrick & White; Houston, TX, for. We specialize in Accident Investigation and Reconstruction including consulting expert and testifying expert witness services. Texas Jury Verdict in Car Accident Case Involving Pedestrian Death 52 year-old David Peterson was standing on a sidewalk outside his car in a parking lot, when a van driven by Victoria T. , Larry Webster Rice. Auto Fire & Safety Consultants, Inc. Recover Damages and Get Compensation. Haag has offices in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Tampa, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and St. We have reconstructed thousands of crashes, provided deposition testimony and been qualified as expert witnesses to provide trial testimony many times. Biomedical Research and Analysis was founded by Bryan Schnick in 2000. Our team is comprised of credible experts with extensive courtroom experience. Our team provides over 50 years of combined experience and training in the field of law enforcement and forensic investigation. He now has 50 years of experience in all phases of the commercial vehicle industry. Accident Reconstruction. 888-618-4529 Design Research Engineering, 46475 Desoto Court, Novi, MI, 48377 (248) 668-3450 info@dreng. He is recognized as a leading accident reconstructionist and is an expert in seating, seat belt and inflatable restraint systems in ground vehicles as well as aircraft. Accident Reconstruction and Investigation. tedm@marules. We use biomechanical analysis to provide the most accurate conclusions possible. For a list of Expert Witness Appearances click here . In 1985 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided a grant to develop minimum criteria for the training of police traffic accident reconstructionists. com 1731 Bent Tree Court, Granbury, Texas 76049. Plaintiff makes this motion because the opinions lack foundation, are unreliable, inadmissible, and will create a substantial danger of undue prejudice to Dr. 10. After working in research and development for two years, he found his calling in accident reconstruction. F. The plaintiff’s accident reconstruction expert opined that it was unsafe of the defendant to exit the freeway and immediately turn right across multiple lanes of the feeder road. 167, 169, 367 A. Anywhere. He has over 20 years of experience in injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction. Kelley holds a Masters of Engineering, is a licensed Professional Engineer and is an ACTAR Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist. Esparza, an employee of American Habilitation Service, Inc. Alcorn and Associates, Forensic Engineers of Denver, Colorado. Discovery obtained from trucking company/driver IV. • Vehicular Accident Reconstruction • Workplace Accident Reconstruction • Biomechanics & Biodynamics • Workplace Safety • Forensic Engineering • Application of National and International Standards Our expert witnesses have performed investigations and provided testimony in courts in Texas and across the Continental United States. (800) 280-7940 Accident Reconstruction, OSHA, and DOT Compliance & Safety Expert Witness | Texas Expert Qualifications This highly qualified expert is a certified director of safety with 8 years of experience in the upstream oil & gas industry in managing Department of Transportation compliance and HSE system as well as a comprehensive working knowledge of SH&E issues and governmental regulations. Sep 12, 2001 · The transcript of that Frye hearing reveals that the expert was both a mechanical engineer and accident reconstructionist offered to prove the defendant's contention that the impact was only two to three mph, discredit the plaintiff's position that the defendant was traveling 30-40 mph at impact, opine as a occupant movements, the g-forces exerted on human beings in auto accidents, and the likelihood of injury. Mr. 35 Forensic Accident Reconstruction jobs available on Indeed. I joined the Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (TAARS) in  Vehicle Crash Experts Closing Speed Consulting in Rockwall TX crash reconstruction services to attorneys and insurance companies in Texas and Oklahoma  Accident reconstruction services, expert litigation support, forensic analysis and technical testing services are among specializations of national accident  Forensic engineering experts and forensic consulting experts assisting in all His professional practice focuses on the areas of accident reconstruction, and has While a licensed Texas Peace Officer, Mr. Welcome to our Accident Reconstruction expert directory. com Parking lot design experts and accident reconstruction experts from ForensisGroup can help make those types of determinations. As accident investigation becomes more technical-and precise-this is must-have knowledge for a true professional. It is accomplished first by carefully interpreting the clues left by the remaining physical evidence of the accident, then by reconstructing and studying the events proceeding, during, and following the accident. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. John Lloyd, PhD, CPE has served as an expert witness for more than 25 years, providing testimony in biomechanics, human factors and accident reconstruction involving motorcycle, car and trucking accidents as well as slips, trips & falls. During his 30+ years in the mechanical field, Mr. . Pfeifer is a leading expert in accident reconstruction, roadside safety, maintenance of traffic, and analysis of mechanical Learn More › These experts can advise, prepare professional reports and testify in cases involving accident reconstruction, such as: collision analysis, collision severity, acceleration and speed determinations, traffic and highway safety, vehicle (bus, truck, car, and motorcycle) safety, automotive braking, tire marks, vehicle failure, rollovers, steering angles, use of lights, turn signals and cruise control, crashworthiness, and many other matters related to accident causation and liability. He is also certified through the National Council for Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), which allows for licensing in others states in an expedited manner, if needed. Give expert testimony as required with explanations as to their findings Licensed in both Texas and Arkansas. We serve the United States and can travel to any state at your request. any academic degree, and claims to be an expert only in accident reconstruction, rather than. Accident Reconstruction Stan Andrews leads the accident reconstruction team. I. ] Vehicle Dynamics for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks * (3 days) or Applied Vehicle Dynamics * (3 days) or Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics On Demand Course 32100 Dobbin Huffsmith Rd. Each one of our 11 experts is specifically trained to see detail in any sort of light. Quick Contact Info Phone: (850) 228-3335 ArBio is a well-established, professional company providing a variety of expert witness and consulting services including, but not limited to, animation preparation for trial exhibits and/or other purposes, MAYA animation software, AutoCAD scaled engineering drawings (accident scenes, vehicles, etc. Accident reconstruction experts have the capacity to: evaluate the accident scene physics Biomechanical Accident Reconstruction. R) was founded in 2000 by Sean Alexander. Reconstructing an incident can provide excellent insight into how an injury occurred, especially when witness testimony is inconclusive  Traffic Crash ReconstructionTexas State University-San Marcos Expert Crash/ Accident Reconstructionist and Expert Testimony for Attorneys and Insurance  Delta-V Experts (DVExperts) is an expert accident investigation, forensic engineering and workplace safety solutions consultancy. To start a conversation with Richard, feel free to contact him at 979-693-5800 or rmoore@kittelson. Corresponding author: John D Lloyd, Research Director, BRAINS, Inc. ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION IN TRUCKING CASES a. Crash Analysis and Reconstruction, LLC (C. He has conducted research on low and high speed impacts and also in other injury scenarios. smprecon@gmail. Carper is a Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer in Texas and six other states. 2000 Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists Conference, Houston, Texas – Jan. ATA Associates was founded by NASA engineer, Robert Swint, in Houston, Texas in 1974 as an accident reconstruction and litigation support company for local attorneys. Browse the profiles below to find the right expert witness in Safety for your case. offer as an expert in auto accident reconstruction; what is the procedure for investigating an accident involving a death; were those procedures followed in this case; investigation of the scene and the accident. Expert Witness & Consulting Services. We serve plaintiff and defense attorneys and insurance adjusters in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and many other states. , is a traffic accident engineering firm that specializes in vehicular accidents involving all types of motor vehicles. Mohlenbrock is an expert in the following Clinical areas: - General orthopedic surgery and trauma care, including total joint and arthroscopy surgeries - Sports Coronado, California, 92118 , United States The experts at Fay Engineering are experienced courtroom witnesses in accident investigations, fire and explosion investigations and engineering failure analysis. Defendant ______ moves the court to appoint an expert to assist her counsel in the accident reconstruction in this case is vital to the defense of Defendant. Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Listings in Texas. S. McDowell Owens’ Engineers and Accident Reconstructionists analyze all applicable factors and the accident site to accurately determine the cause and the factors that led up to and/or contributed to the accident. We are a Texas based firm capable of handling all aspects of vehicle accident reconstruction. We have provided support to over 5000 cases and projects for over 1500 different clients and have grown steadily in size and capabilities over the years. He has also published a law review article on Section 1983 employment claims and an article on government regulation of religious institutions. CARPER, P. He is not just an engineer or architect. You may limit your search for Accident Investigation expert witnesses to a specific area by  Expert witnesses in accident reconstruction listed here represent a comprehensive list Serves TX. A&M Forensics and Engineering is a talented, experienced and innovative engineering firm that takes advantage of the latest technology and available research. Accident Reconstruction Engineers – Cars, Company Big Trucks, Oil and Gas, and Construction. We cater to the legal, insurance, law enforcement, and transportation industries in Houston and the surrounding areas by customizing our services to their specific case and accident needs. Sullivan. Dec 02, 2016 · The accident reconstruction expert’s visual account of the accident plays a big role in helping the jury to understand the facts of the case. Through the project, the team was consistently response and safety on the work site was always given the utmost consideration. This expert presented studies on low speed impacts for the court's review. System Engineering And Laboratories (SEAL) with over 38 years’ experience, offers services including forensic engineering, expert witness, certified fire, arson, and accident investigations, safety engineering, product liability, and testing. Call 832. 34th St. Accident scene and vehicle Hayes+Associates, Inc. Delta-V Experts specialise in high quality, independent accident investigation and accident reconstruction services. Abrahamson & Associates Professional civil engineering firm, located in Amarillo, Texas, providing accident reconstruction, structural and civil investigations, land planning, and land surveying services. Maddux is a former Utah State Trooper and an ACTAR (Accrediation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction) accredited expert in the field of accident reconstruction. Steven Babitsky, Esq. When a vehicular accident requires an accident investigation, accident reconstruction, forensic reconstruction, detailed reports and expert testimony at trial, you want a firm that is experienced, licensed, accredited and nationally recognized as the foremost forensic engineer experts in the field. Forensic Auto Accident Reconstructionists, Forensic Failure Engineers. Crash Analysis Consulting has provided accident reconstruction services for countless major law firms and international businesses. Many car accident clients we represent are those that have  Medical Massage. Not only does this witness hold himself out as an expert in the field of accident reconstruction, but he also testifies that he has expertise on medically related issues. Accident reconstruction terms may include Crash Data Report Retrieval and Interpretation, Off-Road, Vehicle Inspections and Industrial Accident Reconstruction. Collision Reconstruction CAR's expert Imagine the scenario in which an accident reconstructionist is called to the stand as an expert witness. 18601 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy. Ted B. This includes field investigations to preserve evidence, photographic documentation, reconstruction of vehicle crashes, analysis of crashed vehicles, occupant and roadway environment issues leading up to a crash. Chiropractors are experts in the musculoskeletal system. This course meets Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements for Course #78017. Crash Data Group is the North American product distributor of vehicle crash data tools and software dedicated to assisting those who investigate automobile accidents stay current with the ever-evolving and emerging automotive technologies, crash data acquisition and Bryan Schnick. rr. Case studies, many based on crash tests with known quantities as a guide, are used to illustrate major learning points. Learn about just a few of our interesting cases. SEND US A MESSAGE An accident reconstruction expert is crucial for three key reasons: Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. 452. He has served since 2013 as a consultant and expert in the litigation areas of mechanical engineering, product failure analysis, accident reconstruction, automotive and medium/heavy truck systems and failure analysis, stationary and mobile machinery, equipment and Board Certified Expert Biomechanics, Human Factors, Accident Reconstruction, Motorcycle, Slip, Fall. 3. Accident Reconstruction experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Texas legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Texas. Dallas, TX 75234. 9. Our expert engineers are experienced in a great variety of accident types including single car crashes, multiple car crashes, front impacts, side impacts, highway or arterial road accidents, tree and guardrail impacts and others. The expert also said that Womack did not have sufficient time to perceive the danger and react in such a way as to avoid it. (214) 838-1221. Whatever your needs are, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in implementing your case development plan. areas of Accident Reconstruction and Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder Retrieval. Peterson. As a mechanical engineering consultant, he applies the principles of design, analysis, testing, and safety to the forensic evaluation of industrial and consumer products, traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, and premises liability claims. One of the most important of these experts is the accident reconstructionist. Benanti - Accident Reconstruction Specialist Serving the Accident Reconstruction Industry Since 1984. He is recognized as an expert in the field of traffic accident reconstruction Kelley is a licensed professional engineer in the states of Texas, Louisiana and  Our primary service is expert witness for accident reconstruction. Accident reconstruction is a branch of causation forensics which involves determining how and why an accident happened. In the course of working over 6,000 cases and investigations, we have also evolved into a top flight source for comprehensive transportation and product testing and analysis. There is not one specific educational path which a person must follow to become an accident reconstruction expert witness. Szabo has been employed in the field of biomechanics and accident reconstruction for over 25 years, specializing in automotive trauma causation and prevention, restraint design, anthropometric dummy design, accident reconstruction, and amusement park ride safety and occupant tolerance. SCHORR, PE - Sr. All of the evidence in the world can be unpersuasive to a jury or an insurance company without proper context. Eric Moody, P. Szabo has been published extensively on the subjects of both accident reconstruction and biomechanical engineering, including peer reviewed publications for the Society of Automotive Engineers and Formerly Adamson Engineering, L. (AFSC) is a leading fire investigation and accident reconstruction firm with over 30 years experience providing investigative and expert witness services. Flynn & Associates has been providing full service accident reconstruction and forensic investigation reconstruction in El Paso, Texas since 1994. Flynn has been providing expert testimony for over 22 years in the field of motor vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Forensic analysis. Our firm has over 45 years of experience investigating, analyzing, and identifying what really happened in an accident, then presenting the evidence clearly as either an insurance expert witness or personal injury expert witness. #435 Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 (702) 233-8516 Stopper & Associates, LLC is an industry leader in the areas of forensic investigations, traffic safety, collision investigations, commercial motor vehicle operations and related motor carrier safety regulations. Boating accident reconstruction experts are not easy to locate. Our specialty is collisions involving recreational/pleasure craft, including all types of PWC, on inland waterways. John Lloyd, PhD, CPE is a biomechanics expert and has served as an expert Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Great Britain. I have 22 years of experience, and specialize in the field of accident reconstruction with specific knowledge in the areas of commercial vehicle accidents, passenger vehicle accidents and crash data retrieval or black box data recovery. Apr 01, 1995 · In determining the admissibility of accident reconstruction expert testimony, the obvious first question is whether the witness is an expert. 188 Accident Reconstruction jobs available on Indeed. Our licensed field investigators employ the latest specialized techniques and equipment to provide the most accurate and reliable investigation possible. Interesting Cases. Lane is well on his way to becoming an expert accident reconstructionist and is continuing to educate himself in traffic crash reconstruction. motor vehicle accident reconstruction, and accident reconstruction using human factors research. We Are The Experts. He has managed the completion of over 4,000 cases involving complex collision scenarios. Texas Accident Reconstruction & Safety Expert Witness Listings. Our tested methods always yield the answers to why, providing all the information needed to determine the cause of every accident we investigate. Unlike most other experts, he is an active, hands-on, building contractor and his income is not solely derived from his expert services. Get Accident Reconstruction listings phone numbers, driving directions, business addresses, maps and more. There is an inconsistency in the caselaw in Texas because different accidents to conclude he was qualified to testify as an expert in accident reconstruction. Seeing the accident happen in a more tangible 3D model is much easier for a jury to understand than just simply asking them to imagine what happened. The company is led by a Licensed Professional Engineer offering accident reconstruction services. com Rooke Reconstruction 2261 Northpark Dr. Lyons & Associates PC. FT WORTH, TEXAS 76136. Texas Investigation, Mechanics Expert #47006. Rimkus provides experienced forensic analysis professionals to sift through the myriad of details to find the key elements leading to the accident and communicate to other parties, including juries, exactly what happened and why. handles all aspects of investigating and reconstructing ground-based, vehicular accidents, with an emphasis on commercial vehicles. (MEI) in 1997 rooted in his passion for problem-solving through disciplined examination and analysis of evidence. com | 832. Other Crash Reconstruction Resources. We have trained Accident Reconstruction and Analysis is a vehicle accident reconstruction company based in Corpus Christ, Texas. The goal then on direct examination is have that expert, who is the right fit for the right case, explain to the jury in a simple and understandable way what happened and why what happened met or Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists Seminar, San Antonio, Texas, June 3‐5, 1999 regarding Braking Capabilities of Pick‐up Trucks and Trailers. Corporate Office The Accident Expert™ 8635 W. Competent investigators need a thorough grounding in several disciplines: mathematics, physics and engineering. With each one having a profound background in Law Enforcement, we know the ins and outs of Accident Reconstruction and Commercial Motor Vehicle Compliance. com or 405. Vehicle Accident Reconstruction. C. Our mechanical, civil, and traffic engineers have received specialized training in crash investigation and analysis. We offer a wide range of technical, investigative, and analytical services to: The Legal Profession; The Insurance Industry; Insurance Adjusting Firms; Corporations; Individuals Oct 27, 2016 · 44 South Carolina Daubert, Frye, or other Rules of Evidence*157 License Required No158 Accident Reconstruction Yes159 Biomechanics Yes160 *To be admissible in South Carolina, expert testimony must be (1) beyond the knowledge of the average juror, (2) the expert must be qualified, and (3) the testimony must be reliable. In 1994 Mr. He offers Judge Brown is a 1981 Honor Graduate from the University of Texas Law School, where he was a member of the Texas Law Review and received the Order of the Coif. Welcome to our Safety expert directory. Roger holds a PI license in the State of Texas. To give evidence context people with industry-specific knowledge known as expert witnesses are usually employed. ACTAR is committed to promoting the intellectual development of individuals, organizations and institutions involved in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction. Any Accident. Lloyd has been qualified to provide biomechanical analyses of various Jackson Reconstruction, Inc. Contact Lane at lane. The Accident Reconstruction Expert Directory is owned and operated by Crash Data Group, Inc. Browse the profiles below to find the right  Free Texas Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Directory, Free Directory of Texas Accident Reconstruction Legal Consultants. ), 3D PC-CRASH analysis including PC-RECT and MADYMO modules, vehicle and scene inspections An accident reconstruction is a scientific approach to solving the questions of how and why an accident occurred. Browse the profiles below to find the right expert witness in Accident Reconstruction for your case. com Biomechanical Research Institute, LLC was formed in 1998 by Adelino Yung, P. Texas Accident Reconstruction, Damages Expert #21859. Determine all the relevant facts with professional accident reconstruction. Flynn founded Flynn & Associates, Inc. "Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Safety", Chapter 11, Train Accident Reconstruction and FELA and Railroad Litigation, Lawyers and Judges Publishing Co. SEAK, Inc. We have trained thousands of expert witnesses, through our seminars, on Welcome To: Primary Investigations a private investigation firm Primary Investigations provides an extensive range of professional investigative services across Texas. CHRISTOFFERSEN ENGINEERING, San Antonio, Texas Senior Forensic Engineer - Conduct technical investigations and provide expert analysis with forensic expertise in the areas of accident reconstruction, failure analysis, product liability investigation, fire causation, safety analysis and equipment design. Defendant Expert(s):. Most accident reconstruction experts, however, have an engineering or physics background. Jan 02, 2018 · Tagged: Expert Witness, accident reconstruction expert Back To Top Nathan Rose - Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction, Denver and Los Angeles 7208391995 nrose1137@gmail. Apply to Senior Representative, Project Coordinator, Maintenance Specialist and more! Jan 25, 2019 · An Accident Reconstructionist is an expert, who is specially trained and qualified to recreate the accident scene after examining all aspects of the crash. Cei's opinion on issues of both speed and look out. Louis. As Accident Reconstructionists, it is our job to serve two important roles: 1. Accident Reconstruction BRC experts have reconstructed hundreds of crashes involving passenger vehicles, aircraft, trains, motorcycles, and more. Carper has worked in the areas of nondestructive testing and failure analysis in aerospace and industrial settings. Texas 76092. Steven received his graduate degree in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University and his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University. Robson Forensic, Inc. While chiropractic alignments focus on the “skeletal” part, we treat the muscles as well . Stopper & Associates, LLC is an industry leader in the areas of forensic investigations, traffic safety, collision investigations, commercial motor vehicle operations and related motor carrier safety regulations. Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Principles and Technology (3 days) [Note: Previously offered Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Methods (3 day) ID# C1417 is an acceptable substitute for this course. is injury biomechanics and all that supports it—rigorous, evidence-based science presented clearly, so the jury understands; we do scene and incident analysis and accident reconstruction using state-of-the art, computerized simulation tools; we provide trial exhibits, 3D models and courtroom animations, all grounded in reliable engineering and physics; and we bring more than 60 years of collective experience in academic research, university teaching and forensic Expert Witness and litigation consulting Haag Engineers are available to provide expert witness and litigation consulting services throughout the Unites States and internationally. A wealth of ongoing field experience throughout the country—as well as our research activities for agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration, the Strategic Highway Research Program, and the National Academy of Sciences—ensures that our technical Christopher Gayner — Expert Reconstruction Company LLC Traffic Accident Reconstruction Expert in cases involving autos, trucks, buses, trains, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. He has and continues to be an asset to large and small law firms resulting in large settlements due to his expert testimony. Often times these experts have an DONALD EISENTRAUT, BSME, P. TAARS has a current membership of over 220 members. ) Location: Texas. Email: jhpainter@aol. Andrews' area of expertise includes accident reconstruction of all types including motor vehicles, trains, buses, heavy trucks, motorcycles and earth moving equipment and industrial and agricultural systems. This approach is usually performed by experts trained in the field of traffic accident reconstruction engineering and physics as well as law enforcement personnel that have this specific training. McDowell Owens are certified experts in acci dent investigation. 1117 for all your accident reconstruction needs Apr 06, 2006 · An accident reconstruction consultant hired by defense attorneys was prepared to tell the jury he believes the women were in the street and that the doctor was driving 25 to 35 mph when the Located in Austin, Texas, Coltharp Engineering serves as the premier accident investigation and reconstruction company in the Central Texas Area. William Nalle; Accident Reconstruction; Magnolia, 10 Nov 2016 To obtain the compensation you deserve after a car accident, you must prove the other driver's fault in causing the crash, what injuries you  Jackson has been involved with crash reconstruction since 1988 as a member by the Texas Department of Transportation to conduct DOT Level 1 inspections. Accident reconstruction involves many points of data, and therefore many services. 817-251-9910 Boster, Kobayahsi & Associates is an established accident reconstruction firm with over 45 years of experience reconstructing various accidents and events. Magnolia, Texas 77354 Phone: (281) 363-0888 Fax: (281) 363-0821 An Expert Witness Unlike Any Other Expert. Cummings Scientific, is a forensic consulting firm specializing in biomechanics & accident reconstruction preparation for attorneys & insurance companies. Principle Dynamics Engineering Inc. , the Expert Witness Training Company. - Crash Reconstruction and trial, each of these methods is helpful to explain the expert conclusions relating to the collision. Nix, 29, chose the DPS "because it is one of the elite forces in Texas. Trinity Forensics, LLC, based in central Texas, provides consulting services in the field of traffic accident reconstruction to aid attorneys and insurance  Auto Fire & Safety Consultants is a leading fire investigation and accident reconstruction firm providing investigative and expert witness services. is a full service Accident Reconstruction Consulting firm which is prepared to provide accident investigation and reconstruction for any vehicle accident in the nation. Brian is the leading accident reconstructionist in the company and specializes in Heavy truck reconstruction, automobile reconstruction, pedestrian collision reconstruction and Human Factors including perception reaction, nighttime recognition, path intrusions and lead vehicle collisions to name a few. WEXCO has reconstructed 1,000’s of accidents, including developing computer simulated animations of accidents as demonstrative evidence. Crash Data Group is the North American product distributor of vehicle crash data tools and software dedicated to assisting those who investigate automobile accidents stay current with the ever-evolving and emerging automotive technologies, crash data acquisition and Find Texas Professional Experts & Services by city, county, category. 318 Kingwood, TX 77339 Phone: View Phone Number 281-713-8740 We specialize in the areas of mechanical, civil & structural engineering; vehicle accident reconstruction; fire & explosion; and computer animations & graphics. January 12, 2009 Envista Forensics is a global leader in forensic engineering and recovery solutions. 3811 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Suite 1400 Dallas, Texas 75219-4461 214/720-0720 (Telephone) 214/720-0184 (Facsimile) Thanks to Caroline McCracken. Our experts specialize in forensic consulting services and failure analysis, litigation support, consumer product testing, and vehicle testing & safety. J Eftekhar & Associates :: Forensics + Biomechanics + Engineer in San Antonio, TX. Phone: 817-573-0646. 279 Md. Title: KM_454e-20171206094421 Created Date: 12/6/2017 9:44:21 AM Kittelson LLC staff conducts nationally and internationally applied research that defines industry practice and performance standards. H2O Investigations is committed to investigating all types of collisions and mishaps on the water. Safety Expert Witness Listings in Texas. P. seakexperts. George (Tex) Quesada SOMMERMAN& QUESADA, L. After compiling expert witness fee data from more than 35,000 cases, we discovered that the average rate for initial case reviews for all expert witnesses is $356/hour, the average rate for deposition appearances is $448/hour, and the average rate for trial testimony is $478/hour. From the throaty roar of an accelerating motorcycle to the unexpected silence of an idling electric car—from the adrenaline-inducing thrill of a recreational off-road vehicle to the tranquil ride of a luxury sedan—there's a motor vehicle to fit nearly every personality. Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (United Kingdom) European Association for Accident Research & Analysis Our principal Reconstruction Specialist, Arthur Borchers, has been certified as a Traffic Accident Reconsructionist by the Illinois Police Training Board since 1990 and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction since 1994. Since joining the firm in 1984, he has  5-8 in Austin, Texas), you won't want to miss our speakers' presentations: ARCCA Accident Reconstruction Expert Bill Brem answers that question in his latest  football motorcycle helmet accident reconstruction biomechanics expert witness. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Richard Moore who comes to Kittelson LLC as the newest member of our crash reconstruction team. is a Professional Engineer licensed in Texas and Oklahoma and ACTAR accredited Accident Reconstructionist. Jun 25, 2015 · n. Founded in 1986, J Eftekhar & Associates is a full-service accident reconstruction and forensic engineering firm. knottlab. We have analyzed everything from pedestrian deaths to trailer-hitch failures. Accident Reconstruction Expert Accident Reconstruction is the process of analyzing different types of accidents. (MEC) is a consulting firm specializing in accident reconstruction, forensic engineering, heavy truck safety, graphics and animation. His accident reconstruction courses were specially geared to educate police officers, private investigators, lawyers, and accident reconstruction experts in the science of automobile accident reconstruction and the analysis of the causes of vehicular crashes. Issues: Mr. Car Crashes and other types of accidents can be analyzed using a variety of different calculation methods. Our Rapid Response Team can deploy to an accident scene within the hour in the Houston area. FET’s Accident Reconstruction Experts. Clyde is recognized as an expert in the field of traffic accident reconstruction involving passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrian collisions. James Evans received his engineering education at Texas A & M University (BS, 2000). As a result of our individual and group education, background, training and experiences, WEXCO’s ability to conduct accident reconstruction investigations and analysis relating to a wide array of subject areas, including the following: Specialties Include Simi­ larly, your expert can assist you with inves­ tigating the numerous associations and reconstruction societies to which a plain­ tiff's accident reconstructionist typically belongs to show that his or her membership in these groups or having attended a sem­ inar does not mean that the expert has the qualifications to recreate an accident, opine about log book violations, cell phone use, texting, fatigue, or other distracted driv­ ing indicators. He has been in the traffic accident investigation and reconstruction field since 1983. com Aug 01, 2017 · James Paul Evans, an accident reconstruction expert, was called to testify by Paul Kendall, defense attorney for Willemsen, 40, who is accused of drunk driving in the June 12, 2016 accident that The following is a peer-reviewed article on Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction, which was originally published in the Journal of Forensic Biomechanics in January 2016. 13 May 2002 Simulated accident reconstruction, evidence collecting techniques, extensive within the DPS, Nix can now be deemed an expert witness in court cases. TAARS is a broad based organization with members from many different fields, including law enforcement, private investigators, engineers and attorneys. Crash Data Group is the North American product distributor of vehicle crash data tools and software dedicated to assisting those who investigate automobile accidents stay current with the ever-evolving and emerging automotive technologies, crash data acquisition and research studies. Your Accident Reconstruction Experts Bloomberg Consulting is a forensics firm specializing in vehicle accident reconstruction, biomechanical analysis, motor carrier compliance, and the extraction and analysis of digital data from heavy trucks, passenger vehicles, smartphones, GPS and other electronic devices. We have examined thousands of collisions, maintain continuing education, and have extensive knowledge of the Illinois Vehicle Oct 23, 2014 · The Importance of Accident Reconstruction Following a Serious Train Accident in Texas. There is an inconsistency in the caselaw in Texas because different accidents require different levels of expertise; whether a police officer is With over 20 years of experience investigating and testifying in cases involving a variety of forensic engineering issues, Dr. Nov 06, 2009 · The defense accident reconstruction expert (Mike Cei) opines that the cause of the accident was the plaintiff's excessive speed and that the defendant properly brought her car to a stop and acted reasonable in attempting to cross over the intersection. Complete case analysis: vehicle/site inspections, reconstruction & causation analysis, vehicle safety, expert testimony. 5380 W. Wolf Technical Services specializes in all types of accident  Vehicle Experts and Expert Witness Services. Contact us for more information. Michael Rangel, P. Our accident reconstruction services are sought after by defense and plaintiff firms alike, and many insurance carriers and company representatives specifically request our principle reconstructionists for their Reconstruction Experts was conscientious of costs and worked closely with our insurance carrier and negotiated significant dollar savings for the benefit of the community. Having worked cases in Texas and throughout the United States, I have extensive experience to help you with your accident reconstruction case. This multi-disciplinary field entails the collection and analysis of physical evidence, the application of physics and engineering concepts to the particular dynamics of a collision, and creating models of actual and alternative circumstances. , C. Since the inception of the  Accident Reconstruction & Investigation. Stephen R. Accredited Crash Reconstruction  His accident reconstruction courses were specially geared to educate police officers, private investigators, lawyers, and accident reconstruction experts in the   road in Cass County, Texas, at the time of the accident. Over the last two decades, Eric has garnered the trust of private clients, public entities, insurance companies, attorneys and other experts in the fields of property inspection and forensic accident reconstruction. Bicycle Crash Reconstruction - Expert Article In this article, Highway Engineering expert, Lance Robson, P. TNM Engineering was established in 1997 in El Paso, TX and has over 70 years of combined experience in the field of Accident Reconstruction and Forensic Engineering. Sahara Ave. The jury found negligence and comparative responsibility of 65 percent on Lone Star and 35 percent on its driver. , Ste. Jul 11, 2018 · This CLE webinar will prepare personal injury attorneys in trucking and auto cases to depose accident reconstruction and biomechanical experts. Fire Cause Investigations (FCI), the fire and arson investigation division of SEAL, provides fire and explosion cause and determination, with complete Accident Reconstruction in Texas; ACTAR Accredited in Texas; Analyst in Texas; Animation 2D - 3D in Texas; ATV in Texas; Bicycles in Texas; Bosch CDR in Texas; CDR / EDR (Event Data Recorder) in Texas; Commercial Vehicles in Texas; Crush Analysis in Texas; Drones in Texas; Expert Witness in Texas; Failure Analysis in Texas; Forensic Mapping in Founded in 1986, J Eftekhar & Associates is a full-service accident reconstruction and forensic engineering firm. New vehicle accident reconstruction careers are added daily on SimplyHired. In one breath she may interpret the law, form unsupported accident reconstruction opinions, serve as a mouthpiece for inadmissible hearsay, deliver a closing argument and supplant the jury’s role. Klingen has a unique combination of accident investigation and reconstruction experience in both the criminal and civil domains. Many also have some law enforcement experience, which provides the practical background to compliment the theoretical background gained by a degree. Our court-qualified accident reconstruction experts can reconstruct an accident to determine speed, reaction times, stopping distances, driver input, and mechanical failures. Accident Reconstruction Experts Ideally, the accident reconstruction expert should be retained and taken to the scene within 24-48 after counsel is retained in this case. Scientific Analysis utilizes the most advanced technology to investigate and reconstruct passenger and commercial vehicle accidents for plaintiff and defendants in civil litigation and criminal cases, auto manufacturers Our primary service is expert witness for accident reconstruction. i. Areas of Expertise: We do accident investigation and reconstruction and in the following areas: (1) Motor vehicle crashes (2) Industrial accidents (3)Construction site accidents (4) Invitee-Premise accidents such as slip,trip Who is the best Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Professional in Texas? Compare and connect with the top rated Legal Professionals in Texas. STEVEN M. Accident Reconstruction; Engineering Physics, Dynamics, Kinetics & Our accident reconstruction clients extend throughout Texas and to numerous cities in 28  Travelers Forensic Engineer-Accident Reconstruction Austin, Texas expert in the field of accident reconstruction within the Travelers Risk Control Forensic  At PPI Security, we employ experts trained in the field of traffic accident reconstruction engineering and physics as well as law enforcement personnel that have  14 May 2018 As reconstruction experts for the analysis of auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, we can resolve issues such as speeds, collision severity,  Category: ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION / Biomechanics Location: Dallas, TX Expert Witness Association has compiled this Expert Witness Directory as a source of names and specialties of experts for use by attorneys and others. Our SEAK Expert Witness Database is always free to search. , a firm specializing in Forensic Traffic Accident Reconstruction Consulting and Special Investigations. ATS experts have many decades of crash reconstruction and incident investigations experience and understanding for any case that may come their way. Roger has testified in over 35 Cases in excess 30 states and looking forward to the remaining 20 states. Maddux has more than seventeen years of first-hand experience investigating traffic collisions. EDR experts listed in The Crash Hub are available for retention, consultation and list their EDR specialties (CDR downloads, EDR Downloads, CDR Report Analysis, ect) and also list the types of EDR tools they use (Bosch CDR Tool, Tesla EDR Tool, Hyundai/Kia EDR Tool, Heavy Vehicle EDR Tools). Find Accident Reconstruction listings in Houston, TEXAS. Our accident reconstruction experts are familiar with techniques such as computer simulations and 3D animations. Thank you for your interest in my company and my ability to serve as your client’s expert witness for accident reconstruction. accident reconstruction expert texas

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