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03 cobra idler pulley kit

03 cobra idler pulley kit 4 whipple 2lb lower, 4 inch upper (16lbs of boost) 1 90mm aux idler pulley k080680 = 68 inch This kit was removed from a 2003-2004 Cobra Terminator engine. Next remove the two 8mm bolts at the bottom of the cover, see picture # 1. The kit includes all of the necessary hardware, including a billet bracket to cleanly relocate the factory crank idler pulley. 99 Mustang Cobra Upper Supercharger Pulley 03-04 Steeda Underdrive Pulleys (01 Cobra, 03-04 Mach 1, 03-04 Marauder) $239. Dayco Serpentine Belt, 03/04 Cobra with Metco drive, idler and alternator. Resulting in less belt slip with any pulley combination to give your car the most power unconditionally ! Comes with a 90mm billet aluminum pulley and all mounting hardware to get mounted to engine. It's a rare thing indeed to find a supercharged 2003 to 2004 SVT Cobra still rocking the factory blower pulley on its Eaton, and there's a very a good reason. The pulley is powered through the center with a bolt type design screwed into the crank pulley. Brothers Performance is not sponsored, affiliated, or otherwise connected in any way to any of the manufacturers named on our website or promotional materials. The engine that is the donor for this Eaton swap kit is still whole at the time of this listing. 94 USD MODSH0304CPBBKARP12PBO $37. save hide report. 2003 - 2004 Cobra 2. 03 Cobra Lower Pulley help. 73's, MGW shifter, bassani cat-back, afco heat exchanger, k&n fipk, C&L intake tube, accufab throttle body with s. 03 to $110. For 03 04 Ford Cobra Mustang Interchangeable Crankshaft Pulley Kit This kit includes a black hardcoat-anodized 90mm idler pulley, which is the smaller size that serves to maximize belt wrap in applications using stock size supercharger pulleys. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price. Most engines use one idler pulley, and one Paxton 2018-2020 Ford 5. Insert the toe on the idler pulley spring arm into its slot on the dryer base. 94 USD MODSH0304CPBBKARPHSS $38. The Original BilletFlow Snub Idler Pulley and Bracket for the 2003-2004 Ford SVT Cobra. square drives; Includes 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm crowfoot wrench Jb Performance 2300 Axo Whipple Lysholm Pulley 99 03 Chevy Plus More Mustang Cobra Whipple 3 500 8 Rib Supercharger Pulley. My '03 Cobra has a 2. 8H requires 56 less HP to turn than other twin screws - and much less than an Eaton - so the big 8 rib provides a lot of belt surface area. For the Terminators, VMP carries a 2. You Recently Dec 13, 2012 · That’s why companies like VMP Superchargers markets blower kits for the Blue Oval contingent. New Metco complete double bearing billet idler pulley kit for 03-04 Cobra. The 8-rib version of this pulley can be installed as a direct replacement for the OEM idler pulleys in these applications. Under the hood, you’ll find a 5. Steeda Billet 03 Cobra Idler Bracket and Pulley Instructions for 555-3340 1. SVT Tech Forum: 0: Aug 28, 2008: has anybody tried this (03-04 cobra blower) 1994 - 1995 Specific Tech: 7: May 25, 2008: L: Stock 03 Cobra blower on 5. 93"/2. 95 USD MODSH0304CPBBK316SS $41. $58. * 2. EC,SB. 4 billet single bearing idlers and billet auxiliary bracket If so you might be interested in this Smooth Inner Idler Pulley from Ford. Find our best fitting idler pulleys for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! This is not the complete idler assembly, just the bearing and pulley. By the way the Commodore power steering works a treat with a VK C'dore rack in my Cobra. BilletFlow 03-04 Cobra Snub Idler Bracket w/4 Idler Pulleys Introducing the all new Hard Coat Anodizing finish on Black, Redfire and Sonic Blue pulleys for a long lasting durable look that won't wear. FRONT OF MOTOR: 03/04 Cobra timing cover (costs about $465 through Ford, comes with new front seal and idler pully on drivers bank). This New Idler Pulley Creates more belt wrap around blower pulley. 21 . Ford 4. New Serpentine belt idler pulleys New Serpentine belt tensioner New valve seals Heads were resurfaced, valves were reseated and vacuum checked Engine Modifications Tuned By Kevin Dunn on 91@13lbs 2. Serpentine Belt Diagrams Most vehicles have a sticker with the diagram under the hood. 6 DOHC at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! BGG Performance 8 Rib Pulley Kit LFP Quick Change Crank Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra) LFP Quick Change Blower Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra, in 2. 2003-04 Cobra Billet Tensioner Snub Idler Bracket 100mm Pulley » 03-04 Cobra Billet Snub Idler & Tensioner Pulley » Installs in 10 minutes or less » Machined from Billet Aluminum » 100mm Billet Aluminum Pulley » Black Anodized Body and Black Hardcoat Anodized Pulley » Available in Single or Double Bearing - Select Above At Advance Auto, we carry 133 different types of Idler Pulley products for your Ford at competitive prices to fit your budget. Double Pulley Snub Idler Kit (2Color Once the original drive pulley is swapped out for a smaller one (more boost!), especially if the supercharger is upgraded, it either means that a shorter belt is needed, or the original 75. 76" interchangeable upper supercharger pulley is the best looking, best performing pulley on the market! These billet idler pulleys are sized to match the popular 3. ,Billet input shaft,Suncoast superduty rebuild kit,Trans-go shift kit,Mag-Hytec trans pan,CFM+ elbow,ccv mod,15K At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Ford F150 pulley kits to ensure that you have every pulley option available to you. This can cause you to have reduced power and prevent maximum boost pressures. These will be re-used if not damaged. 11) This damper does not fit the 2014 Cobra Jet without modifications to the rear of the shell. . Sep 12, 2012 · With rust issues aside, the Mustang underwent a complete build from bumper to bumper. 6 DOHC as well as 2003-2004 4. Once this kit is installed, the user can  Steeda's Cobra Blower Belt Tensioner creates more belt wrap around blower pulley for less belt slip with smaller pulleys and higher boost applications. Number of bids and bid amounts may be 8-Rib, 3. At O'Reilly Auto Parts, we have idler pulleys for most models. 3 at 6000 when the stock pulley was 8. 00″ Whipple Supercharger Drive Pulley for Ford Cobra $ 160. 6L w/New Style Water Pump UPR Products Cobra Idler Pulley Kit 03-04 Supercharged Cobra Part Number: # 3019-03-EXT This New Idler Pulley Creates more belt wrap $149. 90 make selection below! $99. Easy to use parts catalog. 80") LFP Quad Upper Aux. com/belt_length_chart. 00 Cold Air Intake - '03-'04 Cobra 12#+ high boost kit, Black textured plastic PM-2076-KB 76mm Double Bearing Idler Pulley $165. 99 . /9. 00 Qty: NEW Interchangeable Idler Pulleys For Cars Fitted with Kenne Bell Supercharger Mar 14, 2013 · My current setup is the Billetflow 4 Pulley snub Idler Kit (3-100mm pulleys and 1-92mm pulley) and a 75. 0 L with TVS blower Fits 2003-2004 Cobra (see below) DOES NOT fit 2007-2014 GT500 The VMP 100 mm idler pulley is designed  Tensioner. [10] 1470 =1495-03 phonograph 78-rpm turret drive, has . Metco Alternator pulley for +6lb crank pulley, 03-04 Cobra. Metco 90mm or 100mm Idler Pulleys. 95 USD MODSH0304CPBBKARPHBO $36. 78. Billetflow Blower Pulley Ring Upgraded Bolts 99-04 Lightning And 03-04 Cobra Melling M360hv - $134. $100. The drive belt (also called the serpentine belt) connects the engine to various components of the vehicle (such as the air conditioning, power steering, and alternator). The Ribbed Pulley gets installed on the belt tensioner, this will provide the right amount of pressure on the serpentine belt. Specifically designed for the Mustang Cobra Jet (2013) It's also recommended with the Ford Racing kit 5. The included aluminum mounting bracket is precision-machined and mounts to existing bolt locations, and the unique design provides unmatched durability and strength. 95 3l Hot Rod Intercooled Kit Idler Pulleys; Idler Pulley Covers As low as $110. Check out our Expedition Pulley Kits today! 1-800-419-1152 96-03 Ford Mustang GT / Cobra 4. 10 . Remove supercharger 16. 6 setup 10lb (10")lower/3. 8L 5. 9 Eaton Upper 4Lb Lower Perfect Kit for Adding some Horsepower to your Vehicle, Make your Blower Scream, with the Jet Turbine sound as some may say! 2. It may help to have one or two pulleys handy in case you need to replace one. With the Metco Interchangeable "QC" Blower Pulley Kit you simply replace the factory blower pulley with a precisely machined hub and attach your choice of pulleys with the Allen head set screws provided. Welcome to Pulley Boys, your premier source for aftermarket high performance supercharger pulleys. I'd be careful with double bearing pulley's though. METCO Auxiliary Idler (03-04 SVT Cobra) METCO 2003-04 Cobra Auxiliary Idler Kit. 90" UPPER BLOWER PULLEY KIT - SVT 1999-2000-2001-2003-2004 F150 LIGHTNING, 2002-2003 F150 HARLEY DAVIDSON, 2003-2004 COBRA Eaton Blowers. Just beware of HSV models which have the LS3 - roughly 30mm different offset so you need all brackets & accessories from the LS3 if you go down that path. 33 up to $25. 00 Add to cart; 11-14 Mustang GT VORTECH 8-Rib Upgrade Pulley Pack $ 816. Underdrive Pulley Options: Underdrive Pulley – 2001 Cobra, 2003-04 Mach 1, 03-04 Mercury Marauder, Underdrive Pulley – 92-Mid 2001 2V 4. Idler Pulley Size. 5 MUSTANG COBRA UNDERDRIVE PULLEY KIT Replace your factory high drag, low quality, stamped steel, OEM idler pulley with a MotoBlue GEN X 1. (bracket, 2 idlers, tensioner) (8678B) Cobra Idler pulley,timing cover pass. Its purpose is to upgrade 99 01 Cobra 4. When changing to a smaller pulley from stock, to maximize belt wrap and minimize belt slippage, an Auxiliary Idler Kit is recommended to reduce belt slack. If you have a press that would be the best method for replacing a bearing. The 4 Pulley Idler Kits comes with: 1- Bracket 1- 92mm Billet Pulley 03-04 Cobra Billetflow Idler Bracket with 4 Idler Pulleys. 3L V6 OHV 12V MPFI RG Eng code: EGA: Chrysler: Voyager: May 2001 - Mar 2008: Idler Pulley (Steel) C4AE-6316-A. Replace  2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra Supercharger PORTED Eaton SVT 4. 2003 - 2004 COBRA IDLER $229. SUPPLEMENTAL FUEL PUMP KITS 03-07 TRUCK RETURNLESS 6. VMP Cobra supercharger pulleys are constructed from high quality billet aluminum for durability. Ensure that the vehicle is stable on the lift or jack stands. 65-67 352 390 Fairlane& GT, Mustang, Tbird (2v_4v) 1 pc Balancer & pulley (see Balancer section) . Which 2. 5 gates belt you can buy at NAPA. That’s why the Cobra has H beam rods, forged pistons, ARP hardware and steel crank. Heavy Duty CNC Machined Aluminum Relocation Bracket CNC machined billet aluminum aux. Click to expand The idler I mentioned in my first post is the one that sits next to the 2. Choose from these popular models to not only save weight, but to keep that rotating assembly in one piece. 2003 - 2007 UPD E55 M113K AMG Mercedes Belt Wrap Kit & 3 pc idler kit bundle! Also fits 05-011 Gwagon G55 with M113k Ultimate Performance supercharger belt wrap kit and 3 piece idler kit bundle. Simply type in the name of your car in the search box to get started finding the correct pulley for your application. 10" (03-04 Cobra) Our Price: $83. 25″ Whipple Supercharger Drive Pulley for Ford Cobra $ 160. The Smooth Inner Idler Pulley provides the right amount of tension on the serpentine belt, this prevents slippage when driving. METCO 2003-04 Cobra Auxiliary Idler Kit. 6L 8-Rib Conversion Pulleys Alternator pulley GP-720 Power steering pulley XL3Z-3A733-AA A/C Clutch pulley YB-542 Tensioner 1L3Z-6B209-AA Crank pulley XL3Z-6312-CA VMP Cobra supercharger pulleys are constructed from high quality billet aluminum for durability. Billetflow 100mm Idler pulley- $50 shipped Billetflow 90mm idler pulley- $50 Stock 03/04 Accessory Drive Pulleys- $100 shipped for all of them Power Steering Line Part#92591- $30 shipped Spectrum Hooe Pin Kit- $10 shipped Used 03/04 O Rielys alternator that holds a charge- $50 shipped Factory 03/04 Radiator cover (cracked)- $40 shipped When you remove the belt, free-spin each idler pulley and feel for excessive play and noise. Sorry but we have not updated our website for the Cobalt SS or the Ion Redline as of yet. 6L V8 engine, that have upgrade to a 2. This Smooth Inner Idler Pulley is a direct replacement for all 1996-2004 Mustangs with a 4. 6l Svt 03 04 Mach 1 Dc Belt Tensioner Kit New For Ford Mustang Town Car 03-11. Timing Belt Idler Pulley Tensioner Bearing Kit For Mitsubishi Chrysler Dodge. This convenient kit is offered to simplify the process of outfitting your supercharged  03-04 Cobra Billet Snub Idler & 4pc Pulley Kit » Includes 1-90mm Pulley and 3- 100mm Pulleys plus Snub Idler Bracket » Installs in 30 minutes or less 2003-04 Ford SVT MUSTANG COBRA LFP AUXILIARY SNUB IDLER PULLEY KIT. Designed to provide the most tension and belt wrap around the supercharger pulley to eliminate slip. The Kenne Bell 2. 5" belt can be retained and wrapped tighter with an auxiliary idler pulley. 3L TVS package that is a direct replacement for the factory-installed M112 supercharger. Remove lower intake manifold 17. 50" upper and a 6lb. This can cause you to have  Increase belt wrap on your supercharger pulley and eliminate belt slip with this 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra double bearing idler pulley kit from Metco. We have tuned over 120 03-04 Cobras in virtually every form from stock superchargers, turbos, and aftermarket superchargers. 99-04 Ford Lightning Cog Kits 2. 00 Add to cart; 8-Rib, 4. 8 psi ( 7. I also want an additional idler pulley to wrap the belt around the smaller blower pulley. Just an off road x pipe and borla catback. Of course, if you need one, you now have to stop what you are doing and go buy one. All synthetic fluids. Archived. Show Full Signature 2000 GT 665/541 WHP/WTQ 4. 6L Drive Belt Idler Pulley - GAS, Smooth Pulley, Smooth Pulley, Supercharger 2003 - 2004 Ford Mustang GT 8 Cyl 4. Details in comments. Color. 00 Qty: PM-2090-KB 90mm Double Bearing Billet Pulley $175. 7 8-RIB SUPERCHARGER PULLEY FOR 2003-2004 COBRA VMP TVS BLOWER-VMP Performance 2. Price: $205. Gryphon FICM tunes, ARP studs,Stage 1turbo,ATS coolant recirc lines,Swamp's 48v ficm,coolant filter,AD2,Snow Perf stage II,EGR delete,4" turbo back straight pipe,S&Bintake,Quad "A" pillar autometer gauges,Suncoast Tri Disk Conv. The serpentine belt tool kit makes it easy to precisely position idler pulleys and get belts set to the perfect tension. It'll make it easier to fit an idler pulley in place of the pump. It is being removed this coming week. Billet 6-71 Blower Supercharger Snout Mount Idler Pulley Swing Arm Bracket. Metco Motorsports Crank Pulley Kit; 4 lb. Our drive system includes an aluminum cross brace that includes a new belt tensioner with an 8-rib pulley for the new supercharger belt and several other idler pulleys. 6 32V 4V 3. Included in this kit is an 8-rib supercharger pulley that may be smaller than the PULLEY, 8-RIB W/P SMOOTH, '03 COBRA IDLER PULLEY, ASY 8-RIB Ø2. idler pulley Replaces stock steel aux idler pulley with billet pulley Relocates position of pulley with CNC billet aluminum mounting bracket Allowing 89% total belt wrap on blower pulley Significantly reduces belt slip Comes complete with all mounting hardware Kit fits fits all Supercharged 03 PULLEY REMOVAL TOOL, GT500, 03 COBRA, 99-04 LIGHTNING - This Metco supercharger pulley installation tool is a must have for pulley installation on GT500?s, Lightnings, and 03-04 Cobra?s. $139. I have an aluminum 6 rib idler pulley and probably a plastic 6 rib smooth idler. Add To Cart. When your pulley or tensioner fails, your belt can slip on the other pulleys or break, leaving you stranded. 6L 2003 - 2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1 8 Cyl 4. 8 pulley for more belt wrap its not the lower pulley. 80") LFP Pulley Puller Tool (03-04 Cobra) LFP Quad Upper Aux. alt. Adding the Metco 100mm auxiliary idler will help to create maximum traction on the supercharger pulley virtually eliminating belt slip. Thi­s­ c­om­pr­ehen­s­i­v­e ki­t allows­ the us­er­ to r­eplac­e the heav­y­ f­ac­tor­y­ c­r­an­ks­haf­t pulley­ an­d c­age as­s­em­bly­ wi­th a li­ghtwei­ght, pr­ec­i­s­i­on­-m­ac­hi­n­ed alum­i­n­um­ hub an­d i­n­ter­c­han­geable outer­ r­i­n­g on­ 2003-4 M­us­tan­g C­obr­as­. Remove intake gaskets. First remove the factory supercharger/pulley cover. 94 USD For example: What plus (+) pulley rating do you give a Cobra ‘03 pulley that is 15. The qwikchange kit is ideal if you want to swap pulleys fast and don't have the time to pull a pulley off and press fit a new one on, simply unscrew 4 screws, replace the pulley and screws, done! Available in 2. 0 Mustang Tech: 13: Apr 30, 2008: Mach 1 03-04 Cobra blower on a 04 Mach 1 i was looking to do an 8 rib pulley conversion on my 97 cobra and was wondering if there was anything special i need to know for this? These are the part numbers i found online: 4. Product BenefitsImproved belt wrap for elimating belt slipEasy install Ford 4. 6l Dohc Supercharger Head Unit Eaton Pulley G55 2003-2004 - $650. Auxiliary Idler Kit. 99 Price. 4l 2005-2006 Ford Gt Oil Pump Dohc Vin S New Ford Svt 1996 - 2004 03 - 04 Mustang Cobra Egr Delete Kit With Exhaust Cap. 90. 76 upper pulley/4pc idler pulley kit 03-04 Cobra Metco Motorsports 5 piece billet auxiliary dual bearing idler pulley kit 4. 5 Jun 2006 SVT Forums - Installing lower crank pulley kit on 03' Cobra - I just recently purchased a metco lower Do you have a snub idler for belt slip??. It’s not a universal supercharger, but rather a kit that was specifically designed for the ’03-04 Cobra. Idler Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra) View all » 2. (6312) Cobra Crank pulley /Harmonic Balancer (6312B) Cobra Supercharger Crank drive pulley (8678A) Cobra Pulley w/mount Replaces stk. Boost (03-04 Cobra) It is only necessary to raise the front of the vehicle for the installation of this kit, however a chassis lift is preferred. 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra - In the mid 1990’s, Ron Kincaid was hired by Metco Inc. Features: - OEM Ford Part - Easy Installation Metco Motorosports is your #1 upgrade for quality performance parts. 5% similar) Vmp Performance Vmp25w90tool supercharger idler pulley kit with ultimate pulle tool2. If using an aluminum block one bolt hole does not line up and all you do is leave out the bolt and RTV in that area. 1" and 3. BilletFlow Supercharger Pulley Kit Now you can add more boost to your 03-04 Mustang Cobra with this 2. 6L, Underdrive Pulley – 96-99 Cobra and 2001 Bullitt, Underdrive Pulley – Mid-2001 to 2011 2V 4. 70, 2. Upgrading to a smaller supercharger pulley on a 03-04 cobra is a very popular modification. 2H ‘03 COBRA PULLEY / BOOST / RATIO / HP / BELT Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2003 - 2004 FORD MUSTANG COBRA METCO AUXILIARY IDLER PULLEY KIT 03 04 4. This billet idler pulley is identical to the Metco Motorsports MIP-100 idler pulley except that it is 10mm smaller in size to match the OEM idler pulleys. 10 Gears, 31 Spline Axles, and Torsen T2R-06 Police Wheels with M&H 17 inch DR's-Lentech 4R70W Street Terminator Plus with transbrake-Precision Industried 9. Once the cover is removed you need to remove This is the complete set of DivisionX ’03-’04 Cobra idler pulleys, which are available from Lethal Performance. JLT-OSD-3018D-B $139. Dec 30, 2009 · 03/04 Cobra exhaust manifolds required if changing to 03 heads (they have larger more squared off exhaust ports). 8 Steeda Underdrive Pulley + Find 03 04 Mustang Cobra and other car and truck automotive parts and accessories on sale here. 6L 03-04 Cobra Metco Motorsports 5 piece billet auxiliary dual bearing idler pulley kit 4. I use a Gates FleetRunner belt with the part# 080680HD. 00 + $10. This Auxiliary Idler Assembly is designed to provide maximum belt contact of the supercharger 03-04 Cobra 3 12. 2018 Sign up to receive Steeda. 1/2″ of diagonal pulley travel to make precise tensioner adjustments or aid in belt installation. 99 Read More New 68-70 A-body Manual Steering Kit,w/ Box,pitman Arm,drag Link,idler,tie Rods - $499. 5" Smooth, Flanged Idler Pulley. 99-04 SVT Cobra 99-04 SVT Lightning 97-UP GTP 05-UP Cobalt SS Saturn ION Redline . 99 RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. 00 If so you might be interested in this Ribbed Outer Idler Pulley from Ford today! This Ford Ribbed Outer Idler Pulley is a genuine Ford Part and will be a direct replacement for all 1996-2004 Mustangs with a 4. Idler Pulley Set with Auxiliary Idler Bracket 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra This convenient kit is offered to simplify the process of outfitting your supercharged Cobra with complete set of heavy-duty idler pulleys and our billet idler bracket. Dyno-tested 600hp/560lb-ft at the rear wheels! Over $20,000 in performance upgrades including Whipple 140AX 2. $181. Idler Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra) View all » Mods: solid axle with 3. Replacement Blower Supercharger Pulley 8mm 50 Tooth 03-04 Cobra Billet Snub Idler & 4pc Pulley Kit * Includes 1-90mm Pulley and 3- 100mm Pulleys plus Snub Idler Bracket * Installs in 30 minutes or less * Machined  Upgrading to a smaller supercharger pulley on a 03-04 cobra is a very can you change the pulley on the supercharger but we also offer lower pulley kits which  Auxilliary Idler Kit · Details. 0" 3. item 8 Metco Motorsports 5 piece auxiliary idler pulley kit 2003 2004 03 04 Cobra - Metco Motorsports 5 piece auxiliary idler pulley kit 2003 2004 03 04 Cobra $265. 6L DOHC Mach 1. 6L Engine. Find aftermarket and OEM parts online or at a local store near you. 99 Cobra 03 Cobra motor AFCO H/E Pulley -- Kenne Bell Boost A Pump Wiring Harness Upgrade Kit upper pulley(2. I installed two 90mm billet motoblue idler pulleys. share. Cobalt SS Cobalt SS Ion Redline. Belt sizes here: https://stangshiftergaskets. All of our aluminum pulleys are hard anodized 6061 T6 billet, press fit pulleys are made of steel. 25 Years  25 Nov 2014 He's going with the BilletFlow 2. 80, or 2. 00 Add to cart; 8-Rib, 3. Mar 30, 2016 · Finally after a long wait, he purchased his garage kept 2003 DSG Cobra with only 15k miles in April of 2009. Underdrive pulleys work by slowing down the drive accessories on your Mustang's motor to free up extra horsepower. Information On Car and Truck Repair, Parts and Services. 3 Kenne Bell with a 3. 6/ GT/Cobra - 3 Piece Lightweight CNC Machined Aluminum Kit Dorman 419-605 Accessory Billet Aluminum Belt Tensioner with Idler-S197 Saleen Extension Arm. Includes Billet Aluminum Bracket Plate & 90mm Billet Idler Pulley. I'm looking for opinions on who makes the best blower pulleys and idlers for the '03 Cobra. Once this kit is installed, the user can adjust the vehicle's boost level by simply changing the outer pulley ring to any of the available Metco pulley rings, a process that takes just minutes. View Details. Swapping out the stock pulley for a smaller version with higher boost was -- and to some extent still is -- a rite of passage for the Terminator Cobras and is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a ton of spare horsepower and torque. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Ford F150 pulley kits, so that whether you are looking for performance Ford F150 pulleys or a underdrive pulley kit or anything in between, we've got it for you. 1 pulley, non-slip upper pulley LFP Quick Change Lower Pulley Kit 2003-04 BPS 2,5 pulley, Metco 90mm aux. $39. 13) For an aluminum hub, add “A” to part number. 95 Add to cart; Paxton SBF Mounting Plate Spacers (Set of 4) $ 48. This pulley unit design will help eliminate ANY and ALL belt slippage problems which are associated with using smaller supercharger pulleys on any Kenne Bell Supercharger, installed onto a 99-current Ford Lightning, 02-current Harley F-150 or 03-current Cobra! Metco Auxiliary Idler Bracket W Double Bearing Pulleys 03 04 Cobra Terminator. Supports both 8 and 10 rib IW – Metco ring configurations up to 4lb Brothers Performance sells aftermarket performance automotive parts for a wide range of vehicles. 43; or Best Offer 03-Jun 17:10. 6L NEW Motorcraft Drive Belt Idler Pulley YS-236 Ford Lincoln 1987 SVT Cobra 03-04 - Boost-Overlays. 2003-04 SVT Cobra. Cobra intake tube Mod Motor Ford Harmonic Dampers Innovators West offers a full line of Mod Motor Harmonic Balancers from high performance to all out, every ounce counts race applications. 76-inch four-pulley kit and the snubber idler kit for improved supercharger belt tension at higher boost levels. 81 pulley a good combo. 03/04 Cobra harmonic balancer (has threads to accept the 8-rib 03 Cobra supercharger drive pully) Vmp25w90tool Vmp Performance Supercharger Idler Pulley Kit With Ultimate 013129000103 (96. Part Number: FS45900. » 03-04 Cobra Billet Snub Idler & 4pc Pulley Kit » Includes 1-90mm Pulley and 3-100mm Pulleys plus Snub Idler Bracket » Installs in 30 minutes or less » Machined from Billet Aluminum » Black Hardcoat Anodized Pulleys This Metco Supercharger Double-Bearing Idler Pulley Kit is specifically designed for use on the 2003 to 2004 SVT Cobra Mustangs equipped with the Supercharged DOHC 4. p/s pump pulley and engines with standard cooling. An idler pulley is responsible for guiding and maintaining tension with the drive belt. Replacing a $10 bearing is a lot better than Aug 25, 2015 · The aftermarket Dayco pulleys that I bought as replacements do not have any kind of dust covers, and due to the shape of the hubs, the OE covers do not transfer. 5 Metco Interchangeable crank shaft pulley kit, 03/04 Cobra choose 2,4,6. Instructions and all hardware are included. *You will need the Upper and Lower Quick change hubs, To complete kit List price 935. It spins freely on a bearing like a idler. 03 with No-Rush BBK 1555 Underdrive Pulley Kit for Ford Mustang 4. 15. This has to be a bad belt, right? 2003 Cobra Belt/Pulley Noise - YouTube 03-04 Cobra, Pulley Bridge Bolt Kit MODSH0304CPBBKBO $12. Aftermarket or stock pulley. Direct fit replacement upgrades for the SN95 2003-2004 Cobra Mustang. 25405 Broadway Ave. 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra 10th Anniversary 8 Cyl 4. The alternator may need just a small amount of material removed to clear the pulley. Installation Manual: Cobra Supercharger (7) Last Updated: 26th September 2011 Page 10 of 28 22. Hold the pulley assembly with one hand and lever it forward. 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra LFP Auxillary 100mm Idler Pulley Kit. Check out our inventory and find an idler pulley made for your vehicle. 03/04 Cobra Billetflow idler pulleys install 5201064 Worldlawn Mowers Part number 5201064 Idler Pulley. 0L Holden Commodore - Belt Idler & Pulley Kit VT VX VU VY VZ $39. *The cover will not be reused. 7 inch Upper Supercharger Pulley Kit $94. Most people end up going with either a 2. 3 position toggle switch is mounted in the glove box. Video on me taking the old pulley off and replacing them with some really nice 100mm and 92mm 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra This popular kit is designed to bolt on with no modifications and virtually eliminate belt slippage at the supercharger pulley. The sound appears to be coming from the idler pulley, and after much searching it sounds like many have had similar problems. JEGS Serpentine Belt Tool Fits: (idler pulleys requiring) 15mm, 16mm or 18mm Hex Socket $22. 00 shipping . 99 Add to cart; 15-16 MUSTANG GT E-FORCE SUPERCHARGER KIT STAGE 1 Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. The belt tensioner used by Ford in the supercharger drive system has a convenient indicator to  Fits 2011-2016 Mustang 5. Put a 100mm pulley on the idler bracket instead of the 92mm one and everything will be super tight. Drive belt tensioner bolt — Supercharged engine, 25, 18, — This Alternator is specific to the 03-04 Cobra, where most Alternators mount up high in the Many have suggested that using a Performance Pulley Kit, which slows down the  Official March Products. Belt slip  Eliminates Belt Slippage; 90mm Double Bearing Idler Pulley; CNC-Machined Aluminum; Allows Original Supercharger Belt to Be Reused; Fits 2003-2004 SVT   Metco Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit 2003-2004 Cobra If you want to get more boost out of your Terminator Cobra and have already changed your supercharger pulley then the next step is the Metco 90mm or 100mm Idler Pulleys. 25" upper/stock idler/100mm idler/metco idler bracket/tensioner tab removed -73. 1 groove. 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra. 5 3. 2". Aug 6, 2017 #3 I have a '03 Cobra w/the 2. 6 driver side. We currently carry 6 Idler Pulley products to choose from for your 2003 Ford Ranger, and our inventory prices range from as little as $18. 1 Harmonic Balancer for Ford 2003-2004 Cobra with Metco and Lightning Force Adapter. Metco Motorsports is well known for its supercharger pulleys, pulley accessories, suspension components, fuel system upgrades, driveshaft safety loops, valve cover breathers and many more. 4l gt500 mustang the ultimate power package that you can do at home. I think this is going to be my next mod so please let me know about your experiences as far as belt life, slippage, reliability of the pulleys and idlers themselves, etc. 76 upper pulley, 90 mm aux idler pulley, sct tuner I have a 2002 Lightning with the stock location idler pulleys. 75″ Whipple Supercharger Drive Pulley for 03-04 Cobra $ 160. htm Metco Auxiliary Idler Kit, 90mm Double Bearing for 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra This popular kit is designed to bolt on with no modifications and virtually eliminate belt slippage at the supercharger pulley. A ribbed idler pulley#F5RZ-6C348-A needs to be installed where the smooth idler used to be. * Has the small blower pulley to make 12-14 psi boost * Ported Blower * Has the billet aluminum blower idler pulleys * Has a Billet Flow throttle body * Has the upgraded heat exchanger * Chrome radiator support * Subframe Connectors * K member brace * Has a Diablo stage 3 flip chip with 3 tunes. 2002-03 f-150 harley drivers side oil separator Toss out that air compressor water separator you have dangling off the driver’s side valve cover on . Patent # US D596,824 S . Remove the 10mm nut at the top of the cover. 5in 10" lower STOCK upper 71"s with tensioner mod 3. $528. 6L Accessory Drive; 45900 A/C Idler Pulley - Direct Fit. 03. I will probably go with a 2. Prodigy B/C, Husky 5th hitch, with Gooseneck, Airlift bags w/in cab controller Rino lining, 4" exhaust, K&N filter Flashpaq chip set on towing, pushing 180,000 miles. The use of a tensioner pulley or idler pulley also makes changing your belt a lot faster and easier than multi belt systems. Ha BGG Performance 8 Rib Pulley Kit LFP Upper Aux. 12) No timing marks. Save on cost when you find your Ford replacement Idler Pulley with us. 7-Rib Dec 13, 2012 · That’s why companies like VMP Superchargers markets blower kits for the Blue Oval contingent. 00 $ 452. 5 ” ÷ 3. 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Svt Cobra 90mm Metco Snub Aux Idler Pulley Bracket. (This step if using optional sliding idler pulley). The CNC-machined 100mm and 90mm aluminum idlers, as well as the billet bracket (for 03-04 Cobra, Pulley Bridge Bolt Kit MODSH0304CPBBKBO $12. They are capable of nearly 800 rwhp in stock form. 5 MUSTANG GT UNDERDRIVE PULLEY KIT 1999-04 F-150 LIGHTNING 100MM DOUBLE BEARING IDLER PULLEY This kit is available with a smaller 90mm idler pulley for applications using a larger supercharger pulley under Metco Motorsports PN MCI-90, also listed in this section. Fits all Ford models with a smooth tensioner pulley & fitted with Saleen supercharger - see Ford models here. 07 Meziere Supercharged Copo Camaro H/f Electric W/p With Wpls125 Idler Pulley Sierra 18-15116 Serpentine Belt Use with metal 5-3/4" dia. 14) Install required Whipple Pulley Kit WB-COY10-11 for 2011-2014 and WB-COY10-15 for 2015 Kit Features. 03 depending on options. 6". 0" Metco Motorsports Supercharger pulley. 03-04 cobra Eaton swap parts: - Eaton M-1112 and plenum ported by Steigemeier (plenum ported for single blade TB) $600 - Metco crank pulley kit $250 - Afco double dual pass heat exchanger (new) $300 - supercharger intercooler s tubes hose line heat ex $80 - Pulley bridge $190 - HPX Mass airflow sensor $80 - Coolant expansion tank $150 The kit includes all of the necessary hardware, including a billet bracket to cleanly relocate the factory crank idler pulley. 32. Steedas Cobra Blower Belt Tensioner creates more belt wrap around blower pulley for less belt slip with smaller pulleys and higher boost applications. $164. 80 UPPER PULLEY FOR FORD LIGHTNING/ ROUSH F-150/ P-51 & 03-04 COBRA. The engine belt loops around or under the idler pulley and creates a path for the belt to travel. , an Anderson, SC-based CNC- business to design, develop, and market specialty automotive performanc - MCI-KIT - This convenient kit is offered to simplify the process of outfitting your supercharged Cobra with complete set of heavy-duty idler pulleys and the auxiliary idl - JDM 90mm or 100mm Idler Pulleys. 9", 3. 6 dohc. Metco Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit 2003-2004 Cobra 2. 03-04 Cobra 90mm Pulley - Double Bearing » Billet 90mm Idler Pulley» Installs in 10 minutes or less» Machined from Billet Aluminum» 90mm Billet Aluminum Pulley» Includes Billet Bearing Cover» Black Hardcoat Anodized Pulley» Heavy Duty Double BearingOur Billet 90mm Idler Pulley are a heavy duty upgrade to the factory id SFI 18. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2004 Ford Mustang Idler Pulley from AutoZone. 00 Metco Motorsports 5 piece billet auxiliary idler pulley kit. GM running boards, GM mud flaps & rain guards. Snub bracket with 3-100mm and 1-90mm heavy duty double bearing idlers. 4 psi ( 7. 1996-01. This heat exchanger is larger than the factory and aftermarket Metco Motorsports Cobra Idler Kit Single Bearing Pulleys 5 Piece Kit. 80" supercharger pulley kit & auxiliary idler bracket assembly in our shelby gt500 section of our website! 'ALL NEW LOWER PRICES ON ALL OF OUR SUPERCHARGER PULLEYS' Ford Mustang 2001, TECHoice™ Idler Pulley by Dorman®. Idler pulleys are hardcoat anodized to prevent premature wear from the belt and tighter tolerance on the bearing. 03-04 COBRA LOWER PULLEY KIT - METCO Cobra lower pulley kit. I do wonder if they're missing parts. Cobra Extreme Duty Auxiliary Idler Kit; Includes Heavy Duty Billet Bracket; 100mm Double Bearing Billet Idler Pulley; Ford Mustang Cobra; 2003-2004. c. Neither pulley came with any kind of mounting hardware; just the pulley. 8L 4 cyl DOHC 16V Diesel Eng code: LWH: Chrysler: Grand Voyager: Apr 2008 - Jul 2011: Idler Pulley (Steel) 3. Nov 06, 2008 · -03 Cobra motor with cobra engine harness and marauder pcm-2. 75″ Whipple Supercharger Drive Pulley for Ford Cobra $ 160. The car has 120k miles. ca Our inventory includes tensioners and belt component kits containing serpentine belts along with the idler pulleys or tensioners you need to make a full replacement and get back on the road. Super high-performance 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra. MORE Coming soon! This MOTOBLUE GEN X COG-BELT Blower Pulley System comes complete with all components necessary to make the installation simple and straight forward. There is no side load on the crank this way. 3L twin-screw supercharger producing 18 PSI boost with supporting modifications, including 60lb fuel injectors, dual Ford GT fuel pumps, and Fluidyne 3-core heat exchanger. 5 ” ÷ 3 ” = 2. Both 90mm and 100mm kits are available with a double-bearing idler pulley upgrade for severe duty applications. 2003-2004 Cobra Supercharger Belt Selection Guide Chart. Pulley Upgrade for 03-04 Cobras. MAMMOTH 3. 5" Converter triple disk (2800 stall)-New PI Motor Mounts-MM Ashtray Gauge Holder Integrated crank ring idler, eliminating the need for other AUX systems. 81 pulley and idler pulley is best and how do I know what length of belt to get once I get a good idler pulley. '01 GT full 03 Cobra swap 1 year ago. 75 Pulley Bolts 03-04 Ford Svt Cobra New Feb 22, 2008 · 2003-2004 Cobra throttle body 2003-2004 Cobra 39lb injectors 2003-2004 Cobra 90MM MAF 2003-2004 Cobra boost bypass 2003-2004 Cobra supercharger pulley 2003-2004 Cobra throttle and cruise control bracket 2003-2004 Cobra air intake tube 2003-2004 Corbra TPS sensor 2003-2004 Cobra M112 supercharger gasket- RTV sealant 2003-2004 Cobra plenum gasket VMP 2. This Auxiliary Idler Assembly is designed to provide maximum belt contact of the supercharger pulley, thereby decreasing the amount of belt slippage in high boost situations. Why settle for second best? The BilletFlow 2. 03 04 MUSTANG Cobra NEW supercharger 8 rib pulley bridge belt tensioner Mustang Cobra Procharger 4. 00. 1 - 3 of 3 Posts 100mm Idler Pullies (1)90mm Idler Pulley Kit Includes Aug 05, 2017 · You will have to remove the lower crank pulley to get to it. If you would like to see our pulleys for these cars please use the following links. I have a 2. 57 Add to cart; SUPPLEMENTAL FUEL PUMP KITS 07-09 GM TRUCK 4. 76 Pulley-Cooling Mod-4. Item specifics Condition: New Brand: LFP See Description  This kit includes a black hardcoat-anodized 100mm idler pulley, which is the larger size that serves to maximize belt wrap in applications using stock size  Metco 100mm Auxiliary Idler Kit When installing a smaller supercharger pulley on your 03-04 Cobra, belt slip can become an issue. 1468 turret . 95 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra Cylinder Heads 32v 4v 4. 4 billet single bearing idlers and billet auxiliary bracket Buy a 2003 Ford Mustang Accessory Belt Idler Pulley at discount prices. 71 . FOR SALE - Buffalo, NY - would like to sell my 03´ cobra. Remove the cover. Metco Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit 2003 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra 10th Anniversary 8 Cyl 4. 96% Upvoted. Fits idler pulleys requiring 15mm or 18mm hex or 3/8 in. 0L Mustang GT Tuner Kits. This should help, but use a 3 lb sledge and 1/2" ratchet to "break loose" the pulley instead of a long bar. Only available at Lethal Performance!! The 4 Pulley Idler Kits comes with: 99-04 lightning f-150 03-04 cobra 02-03 harley davidson quick change supercharger pulley kit 2. Mar 20, 2014 · The pulley itself is being held in place by an aluminum structure that mounts to the engine. 6l Svt Dohc 03 04 Mach 1 Find 03 04 Mustang Cobra on sale here with the biggest option of 03 04 Mustang Cobra anywhere online. Is the Diablo Predator and 2. However, when I spray some belt conditioner on directly to the belt, the sound goes away for a split second before coming back. Belt Idler Pulley Passenger Save $2. Machined in house from USA Made 6061-T6 aluminum, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality critical components for your Shelby. 0 2. 24. Be sure to have paper towels handy for extra coolant in the lower intake plenum. C. com VOICE: Toll Free 866-914-1252 03 D/A 4x4 LS. Couldn't find much when I tried a search. Make sure to compare prices and take a look at the top user reviewed Idler Pulley products that fit your Ford. , Unit 4, Oakwood Village, OH 44146 Email: Sales@M-and-D. Set gaskets in a clean and safe place. Actual item may vary. view. Bps 07-14 Mustang Shelby Gt500 Auxiliary Idler Pulley Kit Whipple Kenne Bell Whipple Supercharger 3. Idler Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra) LFP Quick Change Crank Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra) LFP Quick Change Blower Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra, in 2. 500" Diameter (use with 1434 idler for Alliance motor version of RCA RP190 & RP205) RCA102972 16-RPM turret (use with 1434 idler for Alliance motor versions of RCA RP190 & RP205 & 7-HF-5). Comes with a 100MM billet aluminum hard coated anodized pulley, all hardware and bracket to mount to engine. 3 psi at 4000 but only 10. 8 pulley and a couple of other mods donebut to get to the point i have alot of slippage in the 5200 to 5600 range with my bel i was told that FORD made the 100mm idler pulleys the reason i want the ford ones is because the car looks stock besides the inprint i put An underdrive pulley is a replacement pulley that bolts up just like the OEM pulley on your 1996-200. from $6,272. Quantity. 03 04 Ford Mustang Cobra 4. Haven't had a squeak, beltslip, or a belt eaten up in almost 2 years. 2L $ 610. Idler Pulley Set with Auxiliary Idler Bracket. #1 Maintenance FREE Serpentine Kits,Pulley & Brackets , Billet AC, Rods, Brackets and Accessories for American car models. 6L 4V F-1 F-1A Supercharger Stage II Tuner Kit  Low prices on Idler Pulley for your Ford Mustang at Advance Auto Parts. LFP is the only place to find the lowest prices on performance parts for your muscle car. 6L Mustang GT & Mustang Cobra : Black Aluminum Pulley Kit with S 4. 7", 2. $339. Team Beefcake Racing is an authorized dealer for Metco Motorsports 03 Aux Supercharger Cobra Metco Auxiliary 2004 Pulley Billetflow 2003 Idler 04 Pulley Auxiliary Cobra Billetflow Supercharger 04 03 Metco 2004 2003 Aux Idler Metco Billetflow Aux 03-04 Ford Svt Cobra Supercharger Bridge Belt Tensioner 8 Rib Oem 209063 03-04 Ford - $70. They're anodized black to help prevent corrosion and minimize wear. It can be purchased as a complete system, or if you are running any of the popular lower pulley Packages or auxiliary idler Packages, it is possible to purchase the cog components separately. 0 Reviews. 25. Cobra radio with Merchant's antenna mount. 2002-03 F150 HARLEY DAVIDSON EDITION. C $539. $399. 9" or 3. 00 Add to cart; 8-Rib, 2. 9 Eaton Upper 4Lb Lower Idler Pulley 100mm for 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra, 1999-2004 Lightning, 2003. Generally, this indicates that the tensioner or idler is not attached to the mounting location on the engine correctly or the bearings for the 2004 F350 CC DRW King Ranch X-3 tunes by DJ'S,QT,GH,ID. On top of this lower intake there is a gasket and then a water jetted 6061 T6 aluminum top plate that a customer provided '03/04 Cobra/Eaton supercharger is attached to. Compatible with Eaton, Whipple, and Kenne-Bell Superchargers. 40", 2,60", 2. Using the combination of our #811 6 Rib Balancer along with our #963 "Metco" adapter, 03-04 Cobra owners now have an SFI approved option to the stock Balancer. 5psi. 13. 93" blower LFP is proud to announce the introduction of the new LFP Upper Auxiliary Idler Kit for 03-04 Cobra. Clean any dirt and debris from intake manifold surface and cover with duct tape. Choose from:+2 lb Ring+4 lb Ring+6 lb Ring+8 lb Ring+ 10 lb Ring Apr 06, 2005 · i want to put a 03 cobra blower on my 97 coba: SVT Tech Forum: 8: Feb 12, 2010: 97 Cobra head swat and blower. Once the cover is removed you need to remove Steeda Mustang Two Piece Billet Aluminum Idler Pulley Kit (05-10) Steeda Cobra Mustang Supercharger Pulley - 3. 00 2003-2004 Cobra Bama Tuner, Jlt Cold Air Intake, 2. Don't be fooled by the competition. $67. Brand Description: Koyo is a well respected Japanese company that quickly developed into an industry-leading aftermarket Radiator supplier worldwide. WG Braided Brake Line Kit 2003-04 Ford Svt Mustang Cobra Lfp Auxiliary Snub Idler Pulley Kit New Ship Fre $204. inlet, 2. Fits 1999+ Lightning, 2002+ Harley-Davidson Ford F-150, & 2003+ Ford Mustang Cobra. 00 Free shipping Metco Auxiliary Idler Kit, 100mm Idler Pulley with double bearings for 03-04 Mustang Cobra This popular kit is designed to bolt on with no modifications and virtually eliminate belt slippage at the supercharger pulley. This tool pays for itself ten times over the first time you use it to replace your serpentine belt. Our heavy duty belt tensioner comes with the S197 Saleen Gripper Plate Dec 04, 2003 · 500hp '03 Cobra Mustang $599 Heavy-duty steel puller: $169 Upper pulley kit: $70 Stage II 95mm mass-air/filter kit: $139 Billet throttle body and plenum: $629 Idler kit for extra belt grip Add easy horsepower and torque to your 2001 Cobra or 03-04 Mach 1 edition Mustang with Steeda's underdrive pulleys. 99 Ships directly from the manufacturer on 09/15/20 FREE Shipping Lowest Price Guarantee. 375 upper, stock idler bracket, 2 90mm idlers KB 2. 6L SOHC 2V ON 93 OCTANE PUMP GAS. The use of a serpentine belt requires a belt tensioner or idler pulley to apply the necessary tension to the belt. Sheave 6 19/32" dia. On top of low prices, Advance Auto Parts offers 4 different trusted brands of Idler Pulley products for the 2003 Ford Ranger. 3L $ 652. We have shopped around and were shocked by what others are trying to pass off as "Auxiliary Idler Kits". 11 ratio) and the 3 ” pulley as a 2. 10 comments. 2003 - 2004 ford mustang cobra metco auxiliary idler pulley kit 03 04 4. or 1/2 in. Bang some Boost into your Cobra with this pulley upgrade package. This METCO kit comes with your choice of one pulley ring. $562. Our adapter is designed to adapt the Metco Motorsports, Lightning Force Performance or Moto Blue interchangable crank pulleys to our SFI 6lb lower/3. 6L Mustang GT & Mustang Cobra : Black Aluminum Pulley Kit Fits 2001-2004 Ford 4. 8L V6 DOHC 12V MPFI RT Eng code: EGL: Chrysler: Grand Voyager: May 2001 - Mar 2008: Idler Pulley (Steel) 3. The idler pulley accounts for about half of all tensioner failures. 94 USD Jul 23, 2019 · One of my idler pulleys on my 2003 svt cobra broke and actually exploded and came completely apart. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance and reliability. 23. The factory Eaton blower pulley is pressed onto the shaft - which makes quick, track side changes impossible. 55” idler pulleys commonly used on the blower drive in the 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra and 1999-2004 Lightning applications. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, API, DIY Solutions, Dayco, Dorman, Four Seasons, Gates Oct 13, 2010 · Take the top smooth idler pulley off the passenger side of the timing cover part number XR3Z-8678-BA and install it backwards on the alternator bracket. It certainly didn’t take long for the modding to begin! Swapping to a smaller pulley with supporting mods allowed the car to put down a stout 475 rwhp/485 ft/lbs tq. 25 3. 80" pulley. Dec 30, 2011 · 03/04 Cobra timing cover (costs about $465 through Ford, comes with new front seal and idler pully on drivers bank). 0: Fox 5. Metco 100mm Auxiliary Idler Kit When installing a smaller supercharger pulley on your 03-04 Cobra, belt slip can become an issue. Misalignment of the timing belt can cause premature failure of the idler pulley or the pulley on the tensioner, as well as the belt. 6-Rib, 3. The bearings are sealed like any other, but they are exposed. UPR 03-04 COBRA MUSTANG IDLER PULLEY KIT . Everything you need to add 3-4 pounds of boost in about an hour. 02 Trailblazer LTZ @ 280,000 miles (wife's) 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra Cylinder Head 32v 4v 4. 00" lower. 0L 4V 10-RIB SUPERCHARGER ACCESSORY DRIVE PM-1002-00 Billet Aluminum Belt Tensioner - Years 2003 - 11. Remove Blower pulley brackets 14. Quick view. 3L stroker RGR shortblock with custom RGR/JPC camshafts and custom ported heads, as well as a 4L Whipple Supercharger, Billetflow upper pulley and idler, and a Metco lower pulley. 6L Mustang Cobra Short Water Pump IDLER KITS - A Kenne Bell 3” pulley will make 23. 99. Pulley on 99-01 Cobra’s and 03/04 Mach 1’s (6B209B) Cobra Pulley bridge assembly for S. The kit includes a billet bearing cover for the pulley, and illustrated installation instructions are provided. Form a loop on the drive belt with the other hand. 8 at 6000? We refer to the stock pulleys as a 2. 5 ratio and 10. The wrapper says it is a 68 5/8" O C belt. 7 6. 7 8-rib bolt-on supercharger pulleyBlack anodized finishMade "just added" - metco 2007-2015 shelby gt500 2. This procedure will work on any style pulley. 3 at 4000 and 7. 76), idler pulley, accufab TB with SC inlet Dec 09, 2009 · 03 cobra coupe dark shadow gray has 37,xxx miles on it factory spoiler delete car (under 5 of these ever made) the car has a 2. Stock blower, stock pulleys. 76" Pulley, Snub Idler & Belt Kit all in one. Remove intercooler water lines from upper blower pulley bracket. 9 Upper 4LB Lower All Parts in the picture will come with the kit. 8", 2. 2003-04 for FORD SVT MUSTANG COBRA LFP AUXILIARY DOUBLE BEARING IDLER PULLEY KIT. 55 ” = 2. 00 Add to cart Jan 08, 2016 · The idler pulley is meant to provide another smoothly rotating point for the engine belt to loop around, so that the desired routing can be achieved. Metco Auxiliary Idler Bracket W/ Double Bearing Pulleys, 03-04 Cobra Mci-kitd - $499. 95 USD MODSH0304CPBBK188SS $19. Sort By: Default, Name (A 1996- 01. Two Piece Billet Idler Pulley Kit Steeda. 11 ratio and 7. 1999 - 2004 KENNE BELL SUPER CHARGER PULLEYS $100. 76/2. 95. This Billet Aluminum Auxiliary Snub Idler and 4pc Pulley Kit upgrade will give your car increased belt tension for reduced belt slip. 00 Compare Choose Options METCO Auxiliary Idler (03-04 SVT Cobra) METCO 2003-04 Cobra Auxiliary Idler Kit. Sierra engine components are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM requirements. Short on time? We can help you get right to the tensioner or kit you need within just a few clicks of the mouse. 8 upper and the Metco Idler pulley, a K&N FIPK and Borla Stingers cat back and it pulled 473 HP and 495 TQ. 5 psi without “idler kits” etc. 6dohc Terminator $ 499. 6L Mustang GT & 2001 Ford 4. This auxiliary idler is the only idler on the market that allows you to get the benefit from both the J2Fab A2W system and an extra idler pulley to increase belt wrap. Remove lower This kit is specific for the 1996-04 COBRA SVT 4. Just picked up this gorgeous Cobra swap today. -03-04 Cobra timing chain cover-03-04 Cobra supercharger idler pulley bracket w/ belt tensionor-Black anidozed Billet flow blower idler pullies-03-04 balancer-03-04 Cobra lower pulley with cage-Lightning Force Performance Dual pass heat exchanger that is made for a Lightning truck. Add to wishlist. 2003-04 MUSTANG COBRA INTERCOOLER CHILLER CORE LFP is proud to announce the introduction of the new LFP Upper Auxiliary Idler Kit for 03-04 Cobra. If not, this method will work for you. 8 Pulley Metco Snub Pulley JLT High Boost Intake 60# Deka Injectors Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump EGR Delete Steeda Supercharger Tensioner VMP Idler Pulleys Metco Idler Pulley 90mm (03-04 Cobra/99-04 Lightning) MIP-90 Image is a representation of this item. That will increase boost from the stock 8psi to 14-14. 187" bearing hole, 5/8" metal diameter, 1/2" rubber diameter: $30=exchange Original equipment on 2016 Cobra Jet race car and 2013-2014 GT500; Kit includes pump, wiring pigtail, mounting bracket and fasteners 1970-1978 MUSTANG BILLET item 6 Belt Idler & Pulley Kit VT VX VU VY VZ V8 LS1 LS2 GEN3 5. 98 Melling M360hv 2005-2012 Shelby Cobra 5. Disconnect injector harness; wiring and EGR tube from supercharger. 4l 2005-2006 Ford Gt Oil Pump Dohc Vin S Wanting to find 03 04 Cobra online? Find 03 04 Cobra on sale here with the largest selection of 03 04 Cobra anywhere online. Dec 03, 2015 · The engineers decided to buy the rods and pistons to speed up the timeline. idler pulley, FRPP Cobra Jet 65mm twin TB,   Choose Options · 99-04 Ford Lightning Cog Kits 2. 00 Shipping The industry’s leading aftermarket supercharger! For over 25 years, ProCharger has delivered the most powerful, reliable, and advanced supercharger systems and kits on the market. C3AZ-6312-E MUSTANG GT/COBRA UNDERDRIVE PULLEYS (96-01) BBK Performance. This Auxiliary Idler Assembly is designed to provide  This convenient kit is offered to simplify the process of outfitting your supercharged Cobra with complete set of heavy-duty idler pulleys and the auxiliary idler  The kit includes all of the necessary hardware, including a billet bracket to cleanly relocate the factory crank idler pulley. Vmp25w90tool Vmp Performance Supercharger Idler Pulley Kit With Ultimate 013129000103 (96. 94 USD MODSH0304CPBBKARP12PSS $47. side Idler Pulley Upper (Steel) 2. Invented, engineered, and made in the USA, ProCharger provides the most power per pound of boost for automotive, truck, SUV, off-road, sport compact, motorcycle, UTV, and mari LFP QUICK CHANGE 2. Metco Idler pulley and bracket kit, 5 piece, 03-04 Cobra. 03 cobra idler pulley kit

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