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Where Do You Roll?

Dice have existed for thousands of years for a means of chance during various war games. Today, they’re the tools used in tabletop roleplay games to decide the success or failure of players – but where do you roll your dice?

Your dice are your best friend in the arena of the tabletop RPG. It’s through these polyhedral companions that you’ll slay the undead, cast a kaleidoscope of coloured bolts from your fingertips, or sneak past the unsuspecting dragon… But they can also be your worst enemies.

These tricky little multi-sided devils are the tool of every player and Game Master throughout the land, but where do you roll yours?

Some go straight for the table approach: sure, it’s easy, but the slightest flourish of a wrist and a d20 is soaring through papers, ricocheting off books, and into someone’s drink – good luck fishing that one out.

What about the book? It’s (kind of) flat and it’s a safe little rectangle of contained rolling space. It sounds perfect until it’s not. What happens if that 1 you rolled for damage landed on the table rather than the book – does it still count? There’s no walls to separate your decision.

Whether you’re a dice dropper, thrower, shaker, or roller, you’ve got your own method, strategy, and technique locked down and perfected, but how do you keep on the good side of your dice? After all, a contained dice is a happy dice.

Dice trays are the ultimate way of keeping your rowdy, unpredictable dice in check. From your simplest d4 to the mightiest d12, dice trays function as a colosseum to tame the endless rolling of your dreaded dice. Not only does the mighty dice tray contain your dice during play, but it can fully function as the coolest accessory a player can possess out of games too.

The 8” Octagonal Red Fire Dragon dice tray by comes ready with a lid and containment area – amongst other features – so that you can carry up to 5 sets of dice between games. No need for a noisy dice bag rattling around, spewing dice into the bottom of your bag due to a loose drawstring holding it shut, but a stylish dice tray can make you look like an accomplished roleplayer.

Of all the tabletop accessories, the dice trays with lids are two-in-one containers and rollers. You won’t need a separate housing unit for your miniatures, your cards, or anything else. It can ALL fit inside your one of a kind rolling tray.

“But, what about dice towers?!” I hear you cry.

Don’t bother with dice towers – what’s the fun in that? A dice tower does all the rolling for you, but a dice tray keeps the control in your hands. Wherever you roll within those walls, it’s all down to chance and it’s all because of you. There’s nobody to blame but you for the instant failure of a 1, or the super success of a 20.

Are you a bit more of a hectic roller and need a little more space to spread your wings?

Why not try something a little bigger? With the hardcore 11.5” LARGE ‘Roll or Die’ dice tray you can roll harder and further with even more dice, with custom art inside and noise reduction padding lined for the smoothest of rolling. No more damaging your Game Master’s nicely varnished table, just throw down your weaponry and watch it bounce off vegan-friendly leather walls.

Of course, an octagonal dice tray is the best shape for rolling your dice. With no sharp corners, your dice are free to roll along all eight sides before settling on a number. It’s big enough to fit the largest of dice, but also neatly compact for transporting easily in your backpack.

No need for hundreds of clunky, heavy accessories when the rolling trays have everything you need to quietly store your whole tabletop roleplaying game experience – you won’t be able to play without one afterward.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a campaign of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, a bloodthirsty rampage of Vampire: The Masquerade, or a brutal one-off session of Warhammer 40K, dice trays are the perfect companion to better dice rolling to aid your roleplaying.

Sure, you could make a DIY dice-tray out of some cardboard or a used biscuit tin lined with some felt, but why not treat yourself with a luxury piece of hardware? Or, maybe you have a friend who is always borrowing dice and losing them? Now could be the perfect time to get them their very own set of dice with a designer rolling tray to keep them safe.

A battered and bruised twenty-sided die made of stone has been found to exist from all the way back in ancient Egypt – that’s the year 323 BC. Other dice have been discovered to exist during the reign of the Roman Empire using metal dice towers; around the top they inscribed “use it and live luckily” but their dice always ended up with corners chipped off from the design.

You can bet all these dice would be in better condition today if they had a hand-crafted wooden dice tray underneath it to shelter them from the impact. might not be able to help the Romans or ancient Egyptians but their dice trays do come in a variety of colours and designs with the Fire Dragon dice tray coming in blue, purple, pink, red, and green, as well as the Cthulu Tome design and War Unicorn. Each to choose from will match your personal dice set perfectly, no matter what you’re rolling. From metal dice that shine like the sun, to glittered translucent dice covered in elven runes, you’re sure to get a critical hit.

So, where will you roll?

The table? A book? Or an epic dice tray?

Buy your dice tray today from or on and keep your shiny, precious collection of dice from being lost underneath your sofa.